Feeling Creative

I've been away from Blingee for a really long time now! But, I'm back!!! I've missed my Blingee buds and I hope you haven't forgotten me! I'll be doing some new pics soon to share stay tuned!

- Jen ;O)


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B3R4L0V3S dit:

Il y a 3205 jours
jenjuniper> I'm back and ready! Please please please I can't stress enough vote for me. Love ya and thank you so much for everything!

toolinn dit:

Il y a 3292 jours
welcome back blingee buddy!!
hopefully you have the creativity back!!

i suffered from it to!!

toolinn dit:

Il y a 3729 jours

mystique1155 dit:

Il y a 3821 jours
hi Jen! Thank you for the circle invite! Looking forward to you as a new addition! And have a wonderful weekend! Stopping by to rate your blingees and to see what you got, girl! :) HUGS

yurikasari766hi dit:

Il y a 3825 jours
Hi sweety !

thank you very much for ur comments n votes!
lot's of hugs n kisses from me,yurika 

jenjuniper29 dit:

Il y a 3832 jours
Well I haven't had the good fortune to be on much in a very LONG time but I'm here AGAIN! Missed you my friends! I'll be commenting shortly!

ortega42 dit:

Il y a 4079 jours
happy new year mes amis (es) amour sante prosperite kissssssss       <a href="http://blingee.com/blingee/view/104560862

ortega42 dit:

Il y a 4082 jours
joyeux noel mes amies (is) ainsi qu'a vos famille que ce jour vous remplisse de bonheur et de joie kiss pat et sa famille       <a href="http://blingee.com/blingee/view/104400456

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