i DoNT CoMe WiT DiCe - So DoNT PLaY WiT Me

iM a 25yr oLd FeMaLe - LiViN SouTh oF TxS. i GoT 3 BeauTiFuL kiDz, i WoRk aT 2 JoBz, aNd SiNgLe. WeLL i ReaLLy DoNt KNo WaT 2 SaY - So UNtiL LaTeR - ByeS -


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gamecube51 dit:

Il y a 3593 jours
Thank you for becoming my friend. If you want I will email a big white square to you. I use it for most of my blingees. and i will be glad to help you. Your blingees are very good!   Kevin

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