♥ Yall Remember Me, Right?♥

[update: August 9th, 2020]


i cant believe that after 6 years i got the guts to go back to blingee.com to see how i was like back in the day with all the sonic fandom and RPing and all... and holy shit was that fucking cringey from my part. i was running on diet coke and boredom when curiosity hit me today to log in again after all this years. to be honest, im kinda nostalgic now that im here.

i know my mutuals are not around here anymore, and even tho i tried to stay in touch with them on deviantART and KiK, i failed to stay in contact with them after my first year of highschool. after college (and then dropping out of it) i sadly forgot about them and its one of the things that i regret the most while growing up.

i wouldnt know what else to say. honestly im treating this as a blog entry for some odd reason. im just clinging to the hope that some of yall are still here, thriving through your now adult life and rading my profile rn cause the laptop im using doesnt have the dumb adobe flash program for me to make a post in this god forsaken website. i might lurk around my feed hoping i get someone's attention here. and the reason for that is because i miss this. i really do miss those old roleplays even if they were hella questionable at that time lol. i kinda want to get in touch with yall, know how yall been, and support every one of yall once again!

again, im still clinging on the hope this can get heard. i might sound so lonely that im trying my best to get in touch with my childhood internet friends now that im already 22 years old, so im gonna leave some of my socials below. i really do hope i can get in touch with yall again, either for a quick chit chat or to go back to reminisce on our good old days where we would roleplay with our sonic ocs? thought i miss warn ya, im not part of the sonic fandom anymore. right now im more into my hero academia stuff lmao. but anyways-



Twitter/Tik Tok: @lorisassacre 
Personal Instagram: @sxssacre
Art Instagram: @lorisassacre_draws
Discord: Lori Sassacre#9806


again, i hope i get in touch with yall soon. this seems like a vain attempt to do so in my mind, but i would glady take any chances of yall still being around doing good. 

with love, Lori Sassacre


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cuteloveu dit:

Il y a 2360 jours
Hi! Please Vote For Me. ~Thx♥

xoxoAnimeObse... dit:

Il y a 2840 jours

Sweetitchigo dit:

Il y a 2916 jours
Ich habe eine neue Gruppe gegründet. In dieser Gruppe möchte ich Stampmaker unterstützen un Contests veranstalten.
Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du ihr beitrittst:
I've created a new group. In this group, I would like to help Stampmaker and organize Contests.
I would be happy if you join:


GothRabbit dit:

Il y a 3125 jours
ene;; Well I did nigz !>:U Plus I got a burn on my bum cause your man slut! -3-" I almost shot 5 girl w/ a fireshooter cuz they saw him... >-> I'm you when it comes to Rocketeer! BU

release_the_b... dit:

Il y a 3125 jours
im rly glad you liked that picture<3 sorry it was sofa king late xD

GothRabbit dit:

Il y a 3125 jours
Awww my poor baby! D:> Rob came up here yesterday :'3 Then shot me in the butt with a firecracker! D'X -3-" Everything happens to hurt me but I choke your boy è3é

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