Kim Puffer

Im crazy, love to laugh, have two kids, love animals and have a blog and facebook page called SPEAK WITH A LOUD VOICE FOR THOSE IN SILENT SUFFERING.  I sign petitions and encourage others to as well to stop the torture and suffering of children and animals.  Also all world issues like abuse, starvation keeping the earth healthy.


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fire and ice
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grandma5 dit:

Il y a 2733 jours
Thank you for the gift. Hope you have a great weekend.

grandma5 dit:

Il y a 2756 jours
Hi Kim Thanks for adding me to your circle. Just a little note if someone comments on a Blingee if you comment on it they don't see the comment unless you post it to their profile.


Il y a 2762 jours
Thank you for your comment on my Memorial Day blingee, I hope you have a wonderful week!!

Cassee48 dit:

Il y a 2778 jours
Hi Kim, Welcome to my circle. Glad to have you in it. I just rated your work-most of them got 5's. for the one's that got 4's, you could have added a frame/boarder and then they would have been 5s. Frames/boarders always add so much to a work and make it look "finished". Give it a try and see the difference it makes and what you think. Not trying to be critical-just helpful! I hope you don't mind. BTW, thanks for the gift!! That was so kind of you! I alway need people to rate my work so stop by.

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