мой профиль переполнен. если хотите стать моим другом напишите почему. 
My circle of friends is full. if you want to be my friend write why.

Люди, которые воруют штампы позорят свою страну.

People who steal stamps disgrace to his country.

Personnes - qui volent des stamps honte pour
son pays. 
My name is Irina Vladimirovna Kuleshova. My short name Ira. I live in Russia, in town to Rostov-na-Donu. I'm an orthodontist Dr. My horoscope is Scorpio. I very love this wonderful world of Blingee.

I write in English by an online translator. Write me it is better in English, I will translate. These translators not nearly know Russian, does not aim to write in Russian language, because in general nothing can be understood after translation of online.

Если Вам нравятся мои штампы, то вы всегда в " Поиск" можете найти:
If you like my stamps, you are always in the "Search" can be found:
Si te gustan mis sellos, que siempre están en la "búsqueda" se puede encontrar:
Si vous aimez mes timbres, vous êtes toujours dans la "Recherche" peut être trouvé:
Se ti piace il mio francobolli, sei sempre nel "Cerca" si possono trovare:
ivk frame           
ivk background      
ivk deco            
ivk transparent     
ivk_trans (nature landscape)
ivk_man (people fairies...)
ivk_an (Animals and Birds) 



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piedad5007 dit:

Il y a 22 jours
.*  (\./).ƸӜƷ 
-,.*( . .) .•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)  I wish you and your
.'*,0('')('')(¸.•´ (¸. ƸӜƷ family a
\¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/..(\, /)~~..°ღ HAPPY EASTER
.¯\¯¯¯¯¯¯¯/¯...(. . )thanks for your wonderful
...\______/.....(")(")  friendship
❤♫♫ღღღღ♫♫❤ http://bln.gs/b/29e53c
   *❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤*Piedad 1.04.18

mimib06 dit:

Il y a 23 jours
Happy Easter to you my friend and your family. 

miras46 dit:

Il y a 27 jours

Happy Easter to you and your family♥

olialia dit:

Il y a 38 jours
Ira! Kak mne sviazatsa s vami?!!

HEIcats dit:

Il y a 43 jours
Einen schönen Frauentag wünsche ich dir von ganzem Herzen liebe Freundin.
Danke für deine treue Freundschaft, Kommentare und Sternchen.
Herzliche Grüße von Heidi

piedad5007 dit:

Il y a 43 jours
...{`--..-.'_,}     W onderful
.{;..\,__...-'/}    O ustanding
.{..'-`.._;..-';     M arvellous
....`'--.._..-'      A dorable
........,--\\..,-     N ice
...............\.;---,/  Congratulation dear Friend
..........,-""-;\    International  Women´s Day
......../....-'.).\\            8th March  2018
........\,---'`...\\.....God Bless you always

mimib06 dit:

Il y a 45 jours
Dear friend I wish every day of the year that is beautiful as today's,greetings from Mira.

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