Getting Reaquainted with Blingee Land

Alright folks, it has been about a year or two since I have been active in the blingee world. I have spent most of my free time at deviant art posting my photomanips and I now teach preschool during the autumn/winter months.
 I just recently got reinterested in blinging after my daughter got into it. (She is 10 now by the way for all my old blingee friends). Anyhow, it is great to see some of the old gang still blinging away and I can't wait to get back in touch with you guys. I have missed you and missed blinging. I had forgot how fun it was!


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PiratesLady dit:

Il y a 2962 jours
Not sure if this is a conventional way to get friends for my daughter but I'm gonna try.  My daughter is 14 and she has just started doing blingees and they're really good I think but she needs friends, so I was wondering if any of my circle would add her to their circles?  Nonnie101 is her name.  Thanks to all who respond.

ladonnahib dit:

Il y a 3090 jours

senstx dit:

Il y a 3499 jours
A lil holiday gift for my friends

Missed ya woman!!!! Welcome back!

mitzi26 dit:

Il y a 3607 jours
Spreading kindness through all of Blingeeland...

Love you! XOXO

polygirl_celine dit:

Il y a 3661 jours
could i help u guys in the
Blingee Stamps By Request Group?

beatrixkiddow dit:

Il y a 3665 jours
Can't wait to see more more more!

Buggybear dit:

Il y a 3681 jours

muddk75 dit:

Il y a 3681 jours
New theme challenge at PDB Group! Come join the fun and make a funny and happy fairy sure to bring a smile and giggles!

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