Hi! It's Mariah here! ^-^

Hello! My name is Mariah. I've had this account for 3 years already and completely forgot about it until I came across one of my pictures that I did. :) It's such a honor to be back and I really enjoy editing photos in my albums and adding a little blinge to it ;P I hope you check out my blingees and vote for me on them. Yes, I do think I sucked at almost every single one but I'll try to replace those. Thanks!
            -Mariah J.


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makaja1999 dit:

Il y a 3671 jours
ok gracias por dejarme saber

MariaFlorencia dit:

Il y a 3671 jours
Hola gracias por tus comentarios^^ y para armar sellos puedes utilizar el programa llamado photoshop

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