We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad

~~~~~One day I'll wish upon a star And wake up where the clouds are far behind me~~~~~ 

Hello, my name is Marina, Marina La Placenta & I am an insomniac! 

I have multiple personalities and have an eclectic taste in EVERYTHING! My main loves are all things Gothic Lolita, Wizard of Oz, Hello Kitty, Alice In Wonderland, Vivienne Westwood, Tarina Tarantino, Emily Temple Cute and Innocent World. Im also a beauty product junkie! (^○^) I heart everything kawaii but also everything kowai. I am a spooky girl at heart and I have a fiendish love for gore, horror and zombies. (^○^) 

I dont make blingee's often as im rarely inspired!

If you wanna know what im up to follow me here:



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Pretty Peaches the Pug
Pretty Peaches the Pug
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selina0 dit:

Il y a 3301 jours

blinnilb dit:

Il y a 3344 jours
thanks for being my friend , English I am not translated but it in a program so perhaps some words estan bad. Ok bye

blinnilb dit:

Il y a 3345 jours
hello, I am of Spain. I am not being translated English it in a program. I want to have friendly I am new and if you accept to me like friend. goodbye

rinae671 dit:

Il y a 3597 jours
guess what...?
i got the cheshire cat in alice in wonderland the play ...!!
ohh yeah, and i turned sweet lolita!!

rinae671 dit:

Il y a 3678 jours
heey how r u sweety?????

Blingeerahhhh dit:

Il y a 3722 jours
ur welcome, thank you, you too ^^

Blingeerahhhh dit:

Il y a 3726 jours
Hi, how are u? ^^ thanks for the comments

Webkinzlover88 dit:

Il y a 3728 jours

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