I am the #1 jonas brothers fan and back off gurls... nick is all mine!!! lol. anyway i love twilight and can't wait until the new movie comes out in November!!! plz rate my blingees, leave comments, and join my circle!!!! alright talk to u later!!! PEACE...LOVE...JONAS!!!!


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lindsey_93 dit:

Il y a 3873 jours
that was mean that pic u made of taylor
and well i dnt like the jonas brothers but you dnt see me going around commenting ppl that oh i hate the jonas brothers or making a sign. im my opinion not bein mean but that was imature

rinae671 dit:

Il y a 3880 jours
yeh.i have been doing them for aaaaagggeeess like i mean, 3 years!

1adora dit:

Il y a 3884 jours
thank u for the comment , had a look at ur blingees and scored all u did a love job on them :)

Yumdt dit:

Il y a 3884 jours
Please Please rate this picture !!
If you rate this picture 5 , then I'll rate all your blingees 5 !!

This is the website :;owner=Yumdt

Check out this website and rate please !!

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