Just Call Me Rach

Sup everyone?!... Da name is Rach dats all u need to know :D
Hope u like all da stamps ^_^

*** PS: If you need some questions Answer or looking for something you can't find... Just holla at me. 


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Eiminator dit:

Il y a 3346 jours
Ciao i tuoi blingee sono fantastici se vuoi diventare mia amica ma prima devi passare da me se ti piace qualcosa prendila non mi inporta se dopo dici che lo hai fatto tu, tanto tutti fanno così e a me mi viene un nervoso va be non dilunchiamo la faccenda.


Faith20000 dit:

Il y a 3441 jours
Hey I was wondering, since i have new blingees up, could you rate them for me, please and thank you

grincheux13 dit:

Il y a 3639 jours
Tu t'aimes beaucoup....Lol
J'adore ton stamp "fuck you". Comment tu fais pour fabriquer un stamp?????

b0gdan dit:

Il y a 3662 jours

sweetgisi dit:

Il y a 3703 jours
hey rach...how are you? i wanted to save one of your stamps (the pink animated glitter rain) on my computer but then i couldnt open it. whats wrong?

i wanna make a layout with it!

thank you!

<3 sweetgisi

cool76020 dit:

Il y a 3726 jours
how do ya put over 5 tags on ur stamps???

Sarey87 dit:

Il y a 3911 jours
Heyy! Love your stamps!

nnn6667 dit:

Il y a 4139 jours
hi its me arlo123 i forgot my password so i made my own thingy again.

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