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My name is Rachel. I love creative people and art. I love all animals especially cats.  I respect nature and all things great and small!!!

My favorite things to Blingee are my 3 cats. Simon is my big black cat. Guinevere is my white and grey tabby.  The newest addition to our family is Freddy.  He is almost 4 months old and loves to play.  

I love music, movies and meeting people new people!!!




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Freddy roses
Freddy pick you
Afficher davantage



ROoreE dit:

Il y a 3299 jours
We decided to change the subject of the new contest, to the rainbow
Any way In this
There is new stamps and new rule and also new prize
Now you can join the contest of the rainbow
Have fun.......~ROoreE

ROoreE dit:

Il y a 3300 jours
Questionnaire for the next contest?
join it by
if yes say (yes i`m going to join it)
if no say (no i`m not going to join it)
Thank you .....~ROoreE

ROoreE dit:

Il y a 3306 jours
Read the instructions very well then put your idea and vote for best blingee
Thank you.....~ROoreE

Paulkette dit:

Il y a 3307 jours
bonjour mon ami(e)
♥ Envoies ce message à ton cercle d'amis. Peu importe si tu leur parle ou passes souvent ou pas, tout le monde a besoin de se savoir aimé par quelqu'un ♥ :-) -Ne jamais effacer ce message-♥

ROoreE dit:

Il y a 3310 jours
New contest has started
come & join it please
Thank you...ROoreE

ROoreE dit:

Il y a 3317 jours
It`s voting time
vote for the best animal blingee ^^
i know you vote in the last topic but you should vote here in this topic okey ^^
Good luck

ROoreE dit:

Il y a 3322 jours
New contest has started 
please join it ^^!
thank you

ROoreE dit:

Il y a 3326 jours
thanks for voting ^^
have nice & lovely day

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