Blingee fan!!!

Rene'e [BRAT]although  we are apart, you are always on my mind and first in my heart.3> LOVE mom
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Heather chat
.=(• •)=
._(‘ °´,)`•.¸               
.'乀____乄¯ :)mouse stamp
Wolf Challenge #1

Austin 2 Months #1

Pirates Caribbean #1

Black & Gold , m believer welcome back GROUP, #1

Monkeys #1

Great granddaughters [sunglasses] #2

# 1 The Rock challenge

If you appreciate the stamp makers and uploaders and like and use their stamps please put this reminder at the top of your profile!!! rate all stamps you use 5 stars!!! Thank Youhttp://bln. ☺;list_type=1028&page=6
congratulations on #2 in BEST BABY
Congratulations on winning #2 place in the Best Pet Competition! 
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Congratulations on #3 win in Best Red Carpet 
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Congratulations on winning #8 place in the Best Boy Competition! 
Kiss and Hugs my dear friend!!! ^_^;owner=rainbowgyrl
Congratulations on #3 win in Best Red Carpet Win with this terrific Blingee! Wow!! You are really cleaning up lady! Hugs, Irene

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Wizard of Oz #1

You down vote me I don't care but if you down vote my friends you will be deleted in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!

I always vote 5!!! Friends with sunmoon&stars, and Forever Twilight. etc. You comment I comment back!!!
I am so into blingee's!!! I'm retired and live in CT. I hope we can be friends!!

rose from louise______/)______./¯"""/')
The rose of Friendship for you ♥

 Please join my 1st Blingee Challenge!             

Hannenuete says:
about 10 hours ago

Dear Helen, with a picture I thank you from the whole heart for your love friendship. You're such a great girlfriend You are so attentive. You always congratulate me for my achievements. I thank you for everything! Very dear greetings Ulrike

you found that patriotic rose from google images, you just go to google images, and put in the search bar, what you are looking for, like you did the patriotic rose,like say sleeping mouse, and you get sleeping mice. then you find what you like, or go to pinterest, and put in what your looking for, many here on blingee have many stuff from there.  then you take that image you want, go to, and there you follow their instructions on how to remove the image you want, to make it a stamp,

 Heather chat

#1 win

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 _|||_ 1st place in Nascar


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Miry♥ dit:

Il y a environ 2 heures
Hiii my dear Helen!!! I hope you can join my new challenge


ludmilla1959 dit:

Il y a environ 3 heures
Thank You very much Helen

passionpussycat dit:

Il y a 1 jour
Hi Sweetie.............TYSVM for your quick reply :) I know I wish I knew how too :)someone a while back said something about a site called where they go to do theirs.....but I cannot remember who that was :)(LOL)

Have A GREAT *CAT*-urday :)

passionpussycat dit:

Il y a 1 jour
Hi Sweetie....I hope Everythings Going Well :) I have a question for you...I seen in your stamps where you have pics of Rene with the background removed from the pics Do you do these yourself as I don`t know how to do it? I was wondering if you could do a few for me if you did do them? TYSVM Sweetie :)

Miry♥ dit:

Il y a 1 jour
Thankkkk you so very much hon!!!!!
Have a great weekend ^^
Kissesssss, Miry

amylb1973 dit:

Il y a 2 jours
my daughter said thank you very much for the birthday wishes!

diptishree dit:

Il y a 2 jours
as you wish sister though im 13 yrs old.............

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