bienvenido a mi mundo hay galletas y cafe :3 ♥

hola :3 hago blingees si quieren solo pidanmenlo y se los hago de sus personajes anime, cantantes japoneses (as) o coreanos (as) de lo que sea ;)
nombre real < victoria
edad .< 18 

sexo... sin definir aun

estado emocional < me gusta estar alegre y a veces no tanto

estado social > no tengo amigos en la escuela  solo los de blingee

color favorito> me gusta mucho el azul * v *


VER ANIME VER ANIME VER ANIME y dibujar a personajes de pokemon , a veces comer mandarinas mientras veo bob esponja

Nintendo personajes masculinos favoritos:

1- Villager ♥-♥
2- Mario
4- Mega man
5- Fox
7- Bowser
8- King Big Boo 
9- Yoshi
10- Dr.Mario & Capitan Falcon *-*

Nintendo Personaje femeninos favoritos:

1- Rosalina
2- Wii Fit Trainer
3- Zelda
4- Peach
5- Pauline
6- Toadett
7- Daisy
8- Midna
9- Ice Climber Girl
10- Zero-Suit Samus Aran 

Parejas nintendo:

1- Link X Zelda
2- Mario x Peach
3- Villager x Wii Fit Trainer
4- Capitan Falcon x Rosalina
5- Luigi x Daisy
6- Yoshi x Birdo
7- Fox x Palutena
8 Kirby x Pacman
9- Wii Fit Trainer man x Samus
10- Megaman x Samus 
Mi talento> no me gusta decirlo pero mi talento es dibujar

programas favoritos>

Hora de Aventura , Un Show mas , Felix el gato *u* , Tokio Mew Mew , Victoriuos , icarly , monsuno , pokemon , avatar el ultimo maestro de aire , captor sakura , Sam & cat , el Show de Fred , Phineas y Ferb,Gravitty Falls, Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun, Lovely Complex, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Rokujyoma Hiryyakusha?! etc etc

pelis favoritas>

Ralph el Demoledor ( LA AMO )
Phineas y Ferb atraves de la segunda dimension
alvin y las ardillas 1,2,3
hotel transylvania 
los mios , los tuyos y los nuestros
los pitufos * v *
Victorious encerrados
mini espias 1,2,3,4
charlie y la fabrica de chocolates
viaje 2
rapido y furioso 1,2,3,4,5
y el origen de los guardianes



Vanellope x Felix , no se por que pero me gustoo despues de ver varias imagenes en DevianArt 

Ralph x Calhoun , si me quieren aesinar , haganlo les doy permiso

Minty x Swizzle cuando los vi juntos dije que son una buena pareja

Candlehad x Swizzle , desde el 7 de diciembre que vi la peli no deje de pensar en esta pareja 

Felix x Taffyta , creo que el Rosa y el Azul se veria genial!!

Ralph x Taffyta , Rosa y el rojo , quien lo diria!!! tengo mas parejas 

Origen de los guardianes

Jack x Thoot se hizo genail por que en algunas escenas se ven muy
juntitos y muy romanticos

Hotel Transylvania

Mavis x Jhonny , es la unica en existencia creo

y es lo unico que les dire xDDD bay

hello world come to dominate'll start by telling you a lie hahaha who I am ....

real name <victory

age. <18

sex ... yet undefined

emotional state <I like to be cheerful and sometimes not so much

social status> I have no friends at school only Blingee

favorite color> I like the blue * v *


Watch anime watch anime watch anime and draw pokemon characters, sometimes eat tangerines while watching SpongeBob

My talent> I hate to say but my talent is to draw


Adventure Time, another show, Felix the cat * u *, Tokyo Mew Mew, Victoriuos, icarly, monsuno, pokemon, avatar the last air master, captor sakura, Sam & cat, Fred's show, Phineas and Ferb and especially Gravitty Falls

favorite movies>
Wreck it Ralph (I love it)
Phineas and Ferb trought the second dimension
alvin and the chimpunks 1,2,3
hotel Transylvania
mine, yours and ours
Smurfs * v *
Victorious locked
mini spy 1,2,3,4
charlie and the chocolate factory
trip 2
Fast and Furious 1,2,3,4,5
and the origin of the Guardians

Favorite couples <


Vanellope x Felix, do not know why but I like after seeing several pictures in DevianArt

Ralph x Calhoun, if I want aesinar, do it I give permission

Minty x Swizzle when I saw them together they are a good match

Candlehad x Swizzle, since 7 December that saw the movie not stop thinking about this couple

Felix x Taffyta, I think the pink and blue would look great!

Ralph x Taffyta, pink and red, who would say! I have more pairs

Origin of the Guardians

Jack x Thoot genail was that in some scenes look very
close together and very romantic

Hotel Transylvania

Mavis x Johnny was the only one in existence 

xDDDD bay


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Shizuku x Haru Yoshida- Kun =Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun=♥♥♥
Mario Girl Version!
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Hello My Sweet Friend!
I wish You a Beautiful Day and a great New Week!
Thank You so Much for all Your nice comments, All Your Votes and above All...Your wonderful Friendship!
I have problems with the power to My Laptop. Have to upload it pushed against the wall at the exact millimeter...and then I can use it by the battery for a while. So I haven´t been able to be here so much.:-( But I will try to vote and comment again. :-)
<3 Love and Hugs Kicki <3

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Hello My Sweet Friend!!

Sending You Lots of Spring Feelings!!
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Thank You so much for All Your lovely comments, Your votes and above all...Your wonderful and loving Friendship! <3

I´m not here so much because I have "powerproblems" with My idiotic laptop!! SO I load up the battery....can use it for a short time...and then have to connect it to the powercable again. 

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A little Spring Greeting to show My appreciation for Your nice Comments, Your Votes....and especially for Your Wonderful Friendship!! <3 You are simply "The Best!" :-)

I´m so grateful for Everything! :-)

Take Care......and have a fantastic Weekend!

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Hello My Sweet Friend!

I haven´t been here for some days now....computorproblems...urrrkk....that I hope is solved now. :-)I want to Thank You So So So Much for all Your nice and wonderful Comments and Votes. And especially for Your wonderful Friendship!! <3 It´s much appreciated! <3

And as´m a little behind on commenting and voting on Your stunning creations...but I´ll try to catch up...again. Lol!! :-)

Wish You an Amazing Day!

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Hello My Sweet Friend!

I hope that You are having a great week?! :-)

Thank You so much for All Your nice Comments, Your Votes....and especially Your Wonderful Friendship! <3

I´m so sorry....but I´m a little behind again with the voting and comments. But I´m working on it. :-)

I wish You a Marvellous Day, My Friend!

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The second contest of our group "♀Nintendo Girls♀" begins:
I would be happy if you would join:3

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Hello My Dear and Sweet Friend!

A little gift from me to show how much all Your wonderful Friendships means to me. A LOT!!

And I´m So grateful and priviliged to have met You All, and that You have become My Friends here. And that is MUCH appreciated! <3
I could´t write all I wanted here...grr..500 limit...LOL...but more is written by the Blingee! Please read that!

Much Love, Many Hugs and lots of Kisses, Kicki <3

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Uh yes^^'

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