Hobbies: computer,tv, NDSL, art & craft, aerobics etc...
Likes: Shiny/sparkly things, silver and gold, art and craft and other stuff


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Happy Easter 2011
Darkness with Love
Afficher davantage



mimixu23 dit:

Il y a 3564 jours
hii :) <3

MiniJJess dit:

Il y a 3703 jours
yeah thx :) and u'll get there...and i only just realized that i even had 2 silver...cya at skool

Tehya5209 dit:

Il y a 3754 jours
lol its ok. and thnx xD

MiniJJess dit:

Il y a 3757 jours
Well I am clearly Alive, Evil and Deadly Dangerous soooooooo Hey Hey how ya doing and thanks LOVE your blingees also....
 GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! JOB on ur 3rd place Ke$ha blingee that was Amazing...I don't think I'll ever get that!!! 

kittykatz2010 dit:

Il y a 3769 jours  you may like it

rouge77 dit:

Il y a 3968 jours
hello beautiful blingees could be your friend?

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