I'm a laid back chick that doesn't Stand for Drama!! I hate it, so don't bring it to me, cuz i know i won't ever bring it towards you!! Anyhow, i'm 29 years old, no kids (maybe someday), i have brown hair, light skin tone with hazel eyes. I weigh about 105 & i'm 5'2" in height. I'm also one proud Mexicana!! Well, thats all for now, if you want to know more, jus ask!! ;) *kiss*kiss*


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blingee_team dit:

Il y a 4717 jours
Nice Stamps! You need to add tags to them so that other people can find them and use them! Thank you

xxbradzer07xx dit:

Il y a 4828 jours
wel wat da crk dont knoe who ya r but anyway bmb=blingee me bk asap=as soon as posible

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