:) †ïårå ßê†h (:

My name's Tiara and it's been a while. I've changed a lot. You'll just have to adapt to it.


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cikih dit:

Il y a 3900 jours
Hi I am ciara not like the popstar ciara key-ra I am irish I am eleven and I am in 5th class we call it class in Ireland

Beth-Rocks dit:

Il y a 3914 jours
Hey im Bethanny call me Beth for short im 11 and am in the 6th grade so hi.

Leyah_Bayb dit:

Il y a 4020 jours
Sis ily but i q2q i will comee bak and check on you somee other times but fa now with tha pain i havee i juss need to qqett off ov hea. byee ily

watsonswalkers dit:

Il y a 4055 jours
Challenge #2 AMBER ALERT & The Missing.


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