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20 yo ★ Angela ★ czech/italian ★ Czech Republic

I want to warn you I can't vote, comment and chat that often

If you notice my comment on your profile saying I enjoy your blingees, then you have to know you are one of my favorite blingee makers :)

!!! None of the stamps I upload belong to me !!!

Always thankful for every compliment and vote I get ♡ ♡ ♡



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❝ When life is good ❞
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donja01 dit:

Il y a 178 jours

sweetjane1 dit:

Il y a 179 jours
♥Happy Easter♥

Аюся dit:

Il y a 182 jours
Hello my dear friend! Can I ask you? What is your real name? .. Where do you live? ... Julia

Tillyda dit:

Il y a 185 jours
Hey ! :)

Thank you very much for the cute comment on my blingee ! ♥

Бинги dit:

Il y a 288 jours
Happy New Year!

ZaharaBlue dit:

Il y a 288 jours
Wishing You A Safe And Happy New Year.

kruczek1 dit:

Il y a 289 jours
♥ Happy New Year, my Friend ♥

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