Blow Your MiNd

So maybe my life's a bit confusing at times but Im an extremely laid back person. That's what I love the most about myself. Anything in the world can go wrong and Ill just brush it off my shoulder and keep going. I dont let anything stop me, no obstacle can get in my way....EVER! I always have a positive attitude and Im very easy to get along with. I think that's why I do so well at Nugget. I have no problem talking to a stranger. Im always willing to help out. I LOVE laughing and having fun all the time! My smile never fades unless for some reason Im thinking of some stupid crap. In that case, just remind me and before you know it my smiles shining big and bright again =). I have many loves in my life and those are... Nugget, Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Four Wheeling, Monster Jam Shows, Sports Cars, Drag Racing, Dragons, MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC, Meeting new people, Myspace, Big Dogs, Horses, Tigers, Animals in general, Swimming, Weight Lifting, Exercising, Boxing, Martial Arts, DRINKING, Photography... and yeah I can think of more but not right now. Im a happy person even when things are going wrong. Im very trusting and caring and loving, yeah all that stuff. I think that's why I always tend to get screwed over a lot. Sometimes it's even pushed me to the edge of being cold-hearted and changing my ways, just become a bitch. But I thought about it and not everyone should be punished for the mistakes of others so I decided SCREW the ones who SCREWED me over but stay myself for everyone else! Yup works out for me ;). Ok Im tired of doing this for now, Ill finish later... 


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