Retired Marine

I stick to all rules.  I do my own thing and allow others to do theirs.  I honor my family and friends as being free because I served my country with love, honor,loyality, and justice.  


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Will Gere
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shwetashweta dit:

Il y a 9 jours
I cordially invite you to join this challenge

MsYamiYugi dit:

Il y a 36 jours
will someone keep buggging me in my room you know how to go over there ok there are even inside of me bugging me like move my mouth and my hands do you know i am wearing a ankh you can help me

theswanprince... dit:

Il y a 41 jours
hi want to be friends

ZaharaBlue dit:

Il y a 53 jours
Hello and welcome to my circle of friends.

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