Ich Liebe Dich<3

-Hi, I'm Paige but you can call me PJ, Heike, or Dark.
-Born on November 27.
-I live in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania.
-I'm Bisexual. You don't like it, too bad dont care.
-I'm vegitarian.
-I have an "I dont care" mind about everything.
-Im shy but unless I know you or am confrontable when talking to you, you will say different.
-I stand in what I believe in.
-I get pissed off easily.
-Music is a passion of mine.
-Hanging with my friends is my life.
-My family is unimportant to me. I HATE my family. Except my Juggalo Family.
-I wish to one day be living in Germany or Scotland. Only because I can't stand this country.
-I want to be a High school Math teacher when I get older.
-I have msn,yahoo, and skype.. Want it, ask for it.
-Want to know more, just ask.I will answer to all. 


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XxXEMOZaneXxX dit:

Il y a 3216 jours
i miss us

kittykatz2010 dit:

Il y a 3413 jours
do u want a kitten

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