weed. just do it

weed. just do it
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[Mr. Pookie] I can feel it in the back of my mind It's like Mary Jane came at the right time While I'm FEELIND DEVINE I take a look at the sky to make me feel like a nigga wanna stay high Take a look at my eyes You'd probably think I was blind When you see a nigga's eyes that know fool The people crook a nigga so cool I been high all day me and the niggas that I'm close to Up in the glass house BLOW! And I'm loving this shit Mary Jane to the brain, I'm in love with ya bitch Don't know what I'd do if you didn't exist No better way to calm me down when I'm stressing and shit See there's a blessing for this Now where the Indo Getting higher than I can go Roll it up I wanna see it in the air let the wind blow All I wanna see is big smoke Chorus (2X) Just smoke And blow A blunt with me I like marijuana You like marijuana We like marijuana Legalize marijuana Just smoke [Mr. Lucci] Sparking up the Mary Jane Everyday in my own zone, gettin blowed Holding down the place Cuz when I'm chief I hate Notice how my eyes lay when I'm so throwed Kissing ya lips and holding ya soul Ooo love ya baby girl when ya breaking me off LIKING IT ROUGH WHEN ya making me cough, and easing my thoughts Keeping G's with cheese cuz ya company costs When we together we do nothing but floss But when apart lord knows this two get hard to maintain The only bitch that I FAITHFULLY claim Steadily massaging my brain And keep a playa on top of my game Calm and cool every time that we hang Me and crooks always running a train Sucking ya body, girl till nothing remains Feel nothing but pleasure, when I'm watching these flames Hoping that nothing will change so I can steal a sac and chill back while I'm smoking the Jane Chorus [K-ROC] See all I wanna do is smoke a sac with my real niggas Coming up the block hitting hard Smoking on treez Got me dropping to my knees So I gotta give the praise to the sky and the stars So if I wanna get high tonite Mr. Pookie just roll me a blunt We can both get blowed Coming out the crook Smoking big fat Optimos See the LAWS But them hoes can't stop us though Who the pRo's in this mutherfucker with the big weed Coming up the block me and Mr. Pookie Got no money but I'm still blowing treez And I don't give a damn what you think about me I'm a STONEY crook soldier Never been a buster Blowing on treez no matter what them others done told ya Hitting the scene with a pocket full of green And you know what that means We all getting high
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