Kootra, Nova, & Sp00n!(:<

Kootra, Nova, & Sp00n!(:<
I love their Minecraft videos xD The one in black Is Kootra, I'm pretty sure his character is from Halo. The blue one is Cookie Monster (Spoiler - In one Minecraft video, Nova tried to kill himself in the game. He tossed himself in the fire & burned his fur of Cookie Monster, leaving him be half-naked thru-out the rest of the series. He did not die in the fire. He jumped out quickly as he wanted to stay alive. He changed his mind.) And last but not least, The yellow guy who is Sp00n. His character is a human-pineapple. ..Thats pretty much it. Nova & the crew (Or 'Creatures' as we fans like to call them) made a huge statue of Sp00n his Pineapple character. Sp00n doesn't play Minecraft much. Oh & these are keychains! I WISH I HAD THEM!
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