Shining Lights Episode 5

Shining Lights Episode 5
13 Minutes Later Mrs.Jessie:"Alright,You're all in your groups now. Now one person in your group should come to me,Mr.Webbber,or the other chaperones to get the tents set up so come line up. Once you have,go find a spot around this area and set up your tents." Zoe:"I'll go get them." went and line up. Andrea:looks at Selina and Mona. Mona is a too depressing girl. Andrea looks at Selina. Andrea:"so it looks like we're tent mates." saying something Selina:"yeah it looks that way." looks at Mona. "right?" Mona:"sure whatevs." Selina:"so since we're rooming together,I guess I should know what side you wanna sleep." Andrea:"sleep?" Selina:"yeah. are you comfortable sleeping on the left side or the right side?" Andrea:"um anywhere is fine. It doesn't matter." Selina:"okay." Zoe came back with the tent setup. Zoe:"I'm back with the tent setup." Selina:"cool so let's all pick a spot. right?" Zoe:"uh yeah." looks at the rest. "come on." We all look around. Figuring out which spot is good for us. Selina:"does everyone like the sun or the shade?" Zoe:"Sun." Andrea:"shade." Mona:"shade." Selina:"okay. I guess shade it is." Zoe:"Aww I wanna be near the sun." Selina:"how about a little sunny but mostly shady." Zoe:"fine." Selina:"How about there?" Mona:"no." Selina:"okay." Zoe:"There?" Mona:"no." Selina:"what you think?" Andrea:"maybe somewhere else?" 3 Minutes Later Andrea:"What about over there? It looks pretty nice." Zoe:"I agreed." Selina:"what about you?" Mona:"sure." Selina:"alright so let's set up the tent there." We all walk to that nice spot. Selina:"alright so how do we set up the tent?" Zoe:"maybe there's a direction?" Selina:"yeah maybe." looks at Mona. "Would you help us mona?" Mona:"sure." goes to us. Zoe:"do you know how to do it?" Mona:"maybe let me see." Andrea backs up and went to where James is. Andrea:"Hi James." James:"Hi." Andrea:"whatcha doing?" James:"whatching my buds pitching a tent together." Andrea:"oh." James:"what are you doing?" Andrea:"seeing what you were doing." James:"You know you should help them pitch a tent." Andrea:"I know but it didn't look like they need me to help them." James:"Did you ask them?" Andrea:"eer,No." James:"who did you pair up with?" Andrea:"Girls name Selina,Zoe,and Mona." James:"Go ask them for help." Ken(Jame's friend):"James,come help us." James:"Gotta help them. Just try asking. Maybe they'll say yes." turns to his friend and help. Andrea walk back to her group. They look like they need to know. Andrea:"Do you need some help with that?" Zoe:"yeah it will be great." Andrea:"okay." lend them a hand. Zoe:"I think you need to put that part over there." Andrea:"Okay." 15 Minutes Later Selina:"Okay I think the tent looks nice." Zoe:"yeah. it does." Mona:"it looks alright." Andrea:"It does look nice." Selina:"let's check going inside." Zoe:"wow terrific shine." Selina:"thanks for the help girls." Andrea:"Your welcome." Selina:"I can read my book in here if I needed." Zoe:"I can do my art,my craft,my coloring,designing in here. Hehehe." giggles. Andrea: go outside the tent again. looks at Mona standing next to her. "what do we do now?" Mona:"I don't know,why are you asking me?" Andrea:"okay fine." Selina:comes out. "I will go ask the teacher what's next." walks to the teacher. "Mr.Webber,what do we do if we're done putting up the tent?" Mr.Webber:"You unpack your stuff and set it inside. Make your bed,leave ur stuff. Just unpack it." Selina:"okay." walks back to the group. "Let's start unpacking and load it inside." clap once and went inside. Andrea:went in. Mona:went in. Zoe:"so unpack all our stuff and make a home arrangement in here." Selina:"yes." Zoe:"okay!" The girls took and open their suitcase. Took stuff out of there.
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