The Roaring 20's by Joyful226

The Roaring 20's  by Joyful226
In 1921 Fanny Brice came out with this song. Second Hand Rose, Father has a business Strictly second-hand Everything from toothpicks to a baby grand Stuff in our apartment Came from Father's store Even things I'm wearing, someone wore before It's no wonder that I feel abused I never get a thing that ain't been used I'm wearing second-hand hats Second-hand clothes That's why the call me Second Hand Rose Even our piano in the parlor Father bought for ten cents on the dollar Second-hand pearls I'm wearing second-hand curls I never get a single thing that's new Even Jakie Cohen, he's the man I adore Had the nerve to tell me he'd been married before Everyone knows that I'm just Second Hand Rose From Second Avenue I'm wearing second-hand shoes Second-hand hose All the girls hand me their second-hand beaus Even my pajamas, when I don them Have somebody else's 'nitials on them Second-hand rings I'm sick of second-hand things I never get what other girlies do Once while strolling through the Ritz, a woman got my goat She nudged her friend and said, "Oh, look, there goes my last year's coat!" Everyone knows that I'm just Second Hand Rose From Second Avenue♥♥♥ ☻☻☻The Roaring 20’s How it Changed our Lives and our Culture. ☻☻☻ ♣♣ The 1920’s was a period in American History that was a blight on our culture, and way of life. Vast changes were being made as America’s growing pains were being felt ♣♣ The Flapper was here. What caused this? ♦♦We had just come out of the War to End all wars WWI. In England especially they lost nearly a complete generation of young men. Women had gone to work for the first time to help the war effort. And were now lost. Always before there was the promise of marriage not so now the male population was severely depleted, and women were left on their own. Many were scared they would never experience this life style that was a foregone conclusion in days gone by. So in rebellion of this situation many young girls found they didn't want to die without having lived. ♠♠ Therefore they completely rebelled against their parents generation. The Flapper’s bobbed their hair, took on the boy look, raised their skirts to just below the knee, wore rayon hosiery rather than silk, with garters that they rolled down, wore high heels far different from generations before, threw away the tight corset, and under garments for more freedom of movement under clothes, bound their chests to flatten their chests down to look like a boy. To top it off they started smoking, drinking alcohol, (even though it was against the law), carrying on in sexually promiscuous ways, dating as we know it today was done for the first time. Before that all things were chaperoned at best, or didn't go together at all until the couple was married. Wearing make up for the first as a normal person not as a women of ill repute was here to stay,. In other words young girls were casting away their values of family life and living and going out to get whatever they could at whatever the price was to be paid. They had the attitude of let us eat drink and be marry for tomorrow we may die., ♠♠ The men that did live through the war were feeling the same way, so our counties yes even our worlds morals were on decline. The 21 club in NYC started and was an upscale Speakeasy of the day. It is still in business today. Every President since FDR has dined there except for President G. W. Bush. Some have even had them store their personal wine collections for them. ♠♠ Jazz music was coming into vogue; movies were getting larger audiences especially after 1927 with the Jazz Singer which was the beginning of the talkies. After the Jazz singer broke that record soon even yet in 1927 movies were adding sound. Automobiles had all but taken over the horse and buggy for transpiration and the back seat of the car had a new feature now where sexual activity was going on, something not thought about before in history. Women had the vote for the first time in the 1920’s. Life was changing at a rapid rate. ♠♠Probation was on and these young girls didn't care. The Speakeasies were a popular hang out for these young flappers as well. A Speakeasy was a place you could not only buy food, and go dancing, but also could get alcoholic beverages at a time when they were illegal. Some even had illegal gambling rooms something like the one you see in movie Casablanca at Ricks Place. ♣♣ It was the age of big Mob boss, like Al Capone, that ran speakeasies and bootlegged whiskey, beer and other illegal alcohol. They were also into prostitution, gambling, and other illegal practices. It was a horrible unruly time in American History. Then the Great Depression hit, and later WWII. ♦♦ Yet many of the things the flappers started including their self-centered attitudes are with us to this day. The Flappers were the original Virginia Slims of the world. Remember the old commercials where Virginia Slims says.. “You've come a long way baby” The sad thing is I don’t see that it has been in the right direction. We have indeed come a long way in total confusion, and even worse self-destructive behaviors. ♥♥ My prayer is that we as a nation, yes even as a world, would wake up and see how far we have gone down the path of destruction, lack of caring about our fellow man, severing ourselves instead of others, the attitude of who cares about anyone else, flaunting things that should be private for all to see and hear, and if others get discussed, or tell them they are wrong, then that person or persons have some kind of phobia against whatever the self-serving person or group is trying to force on society. ♥♥ These things society knows are wrong, but seems to be at a loss as to how to stop the perpetrators in their wrongful cause of self-destruction and unholy wants, their loathing for all that is good and right, and are destroying the culture, as we know it. All the while these destructive people and groups are claiming it a good thing, moreover, in the process, the perpetrators puts down anyone, that objects to their self-serving ways or that is a Christian, because the Christian’s, show them that indeed it has nothing to do with a phobia it has to do with morals, values, caring, and forgiveness those are what makes a society good and strong. These things the perpetrators don’t want any part of for themselves, their children, or posterity. That we will see that this “All for me attitude”, and “What I can do for myself “and “It is my right and who cares about anyone else’s rights” this horrendous lack of respect for anything or anyone, and on and on will change.. It is nine decades since the Roaring 20’ and I continue to pray that somehow our eyes will be opened and wisdom given, moreover: May God forgive us, and protect us from the horrible destruction that we deserve, and will come in and heal our land, our attitudes, and our self destructive behaviors, in name that is above all names Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior Amen. By Connie Hull II Chronicles 7:14 "Then if my people will humble themselves and pray, and search for me, and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear them from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land."
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