monster meg and dia

monster meg and dia
monster is a song about a boy who's parents never loved him his mother hannah regrets him and at home they call him monster.Lyrics to the song: His little whispers love me love me thats all i ever asked love me love me he battered his tiny fists to feel something wandered what its like to touch and feel something monster how should i feel creatures lie here looking through the window that night he caged her bruised and broke her he struggled closer then he stole her violet wrists and then her ankles silent pain then he slowly saw their nightmares were his dreams monster how should i feel creatures lie here looking trough te window i will hear their voices im a glass child i am hannahs regrets monster how should i feel turn the sheets down murder ears with pillow lace theres a bath tub full of glow flies bathe in kerosene their words tatooed in his veins yeahh
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Lydiathetiger dit:

Il y a 3640 jours
WOW thats how they look! i thought they were like 12 years old or something! kool!

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