Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire
Pt.11:Playing With Fire (1)/Waking up to the sound of a fire alarm Katrina raised up & saw the smoke slipping thru the cracks of her bedroom door. Beginning to cough she jumped up out of bed,hurried out into the hall & ran to her parents' bedroom. Once she had made it there she swung open the door to their room & with her eyes stinging from the smoke she stared inside..Kat (Katrina) gasped as she saw them lying on the blood stained carpet then peered over at the man hovering over their lifeless bodies. The man turned to face her & as they stood staring at eachother he smiled at her. Then as he held his hand out in front of him she watched as a ball of fire appeared & hovered over the palm of his hand. He threw it at her & she dunked. Just as he began to throw another one Asberry suddenly appeared from out of nowhere & orbited her to safety. Asberry & Katrina appeared inside Liberty's kitchen..Walking into the kitchen & seeing Kat standing there Dana reached out her hand & introduced herself,"I'm Dana." Layla came into the kitchen next as Autumn ran past her to hurry & grab a seat at the table. Layla stopped & stood beside Layla. (Looking over at the scared teenage girl Layla said) "And U are Katrina..But everyone calls u Kat,right?" Then she too walked to the table to take a seat. Kat:(her eyes affixed on Layla; her gaze following her every move) "Yes,but...(pausing then asking) "How do u know my name?" Layla sat up straight in her chair with her legs crossed. " I know everything. That's why I sent my whiteliter Asberry to get u. " Jada who had been standing over at the sink beside Oasis & Lily came over to help Liberty set the table & serve everyone breakfast. Liberty pulled out a chair for Kat & motioned for her to come & said, "Sit." Sitting down at the kitchen table she asked, "My parents?..They r dead?" Liberty (walking over to sit down beside Layla) "I am sorry but yes they r..Dead " Jada sat down across from Layla & Dana sat down beside Katrina.Then Oasis & Lily soon followed & joined them at the table. They all had been served eggs,bacon,& pancakes with a glass of orange juice. "Gotta go. See u all later," Asberry said then disappeared. Kat sobbed & asked, "What is going on? Who r u people?" Liberty introduced her to every1 then said,"The man u saw inside your parents' bedroom..his name is Gavin. He is a firestarter. He was sent to kill u & ur parents." Tears made their way down Kat's cheeks & her voice was shaky as she peered over at Liberty & asked,"But why?" Sittin' across from her Liberty peered over at her as well & said,"Kat,U are a firestarter too & there is a very evil man who wants u dead.__ Salem stood with his back to Gavin as he stared ahead at the very wide & large screen on the wall it was like turning on a tv & watching a movie. Only it was a vortex mirror into the past,present,& future that could be opened & closed only by Salem. Salem spoke first. "I told u to kill her." Gavin stared ahead at Salem & the screen on the wall. "She would be dead now if that dang whiteliter hadn't showed up." Salem stared at the screen in front of him with his back still toward Gavin & said,"U have wasted my time coming here." Gavin bent down on his knees, "Sir Master Salem please forgive me. I did try & U know I too want her to die & as I have said if it hadn't been for that whitliter (Asberry) she would be dead." The wide screen on the wall disappeared & finally turning to face him with fury in his eyes Salem spoke with an eerie tone. "I don't want to hear how u tried. Next time u come to me it better be to tell me she has died cuz if I see u again & she's not dead,I'll kill u instead." Gavin raised up to his feet . "I will not fail u Master. She can try but I'll be wiser & faster. This time my fireball will blast her. It will not miss her & I'll be sure to say hello to Liberty,your sister. " Salem laughed with an evil grin across his face. "Ha ha ha yes be sure that u do but if she gets the chance don't think she won't kill u. Leave me now & do as your told. I am too wise & old for you to out do with words,boy & to trick the good doers it might help to have a decoy.Just a lil something for u to think about. Now go be4 I start to shout." (Back at Libery's) Jarod walked into the kitchen. Dana was the first to notice him & elbowed Kat as she leaned in to whisper "Good lookin' isn't he?" Then nodded & looked back over at him. Kat followed her gaze. Jarod walked over & sat at the end of the table & Liberty asked,"Where have u been?" Jarod: "Was out all nite rescuing damsels in distress," & gave his mother a playful wink. Liberty smiled," Yeah I can tell by all the lipstick stains on your shirt.R u ever gonna settle down & get married? " Jarod: "Already tried that. Didn't work out. U should know very well there's no happy endings..Look at all the times u've been married & divorced. " Sipping her orange juice Autumn joined in on the conversation. "Just like you & dad. Right,mom?" Liberty swallowed hard then glanced over at Jarod givin' him the shut up & change the subject look. Oasis then said,"Well in her defense I can say she has been around for a really long time," & every1 (knowin' Lib's true age) laughed even Aut. Liberty then spoke up & said."Ok,enough," & then turned to Katrina. "Kat,this is my son Jarod." Kat felt herself blush as she smiled & told him "Hi." Her gaze went back & forth from Jarod to Liberty back to Jarod then to Liberty again. She became confused & asked,"U don't look much older than him. How could he be your son?" Oasis: "That's the beauty of being an immortal." Layla added,"Those that share Liberty's & Salem's bloodline don't grow old. There's also those like Oasis (nodding toward him) who r immortal knights. There's vampires,some witches such as myself,& other mystical creatures that have been around for centuries. They nor I share the bloodline but are created by the orignators of good & evil. It's a really long story."__ ©copyrighted by:Becky J
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Pixytta dit:

Il y a 3377 jours
I started backwards, WOW! Beckky, u just blew my mind again,keep writing, never stop, im a big fan!! Saving to favs!! 

birdtoes dit:

Il y a 3449 jours
Wow - amazing!

Darklingangel dit:

Il y a 3493 jours
luv it glad u are writing again sis

Tirsah dit:

Il y a 3499 jours
Splendid job! *****

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