How to use Blingee in 2021 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ IMPORTANT: Make sure to read instructions very carefully. If you follow this tutorial to a T, there shouldn't be any issues. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ You may be wondering how people are still creating Blingees in 2021, despite Adobe removing all availability to Flash using a timebomb. This tutorial will help you remove the timebomb and make Flash usable forever. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1) Because Flash Player is blocked off on most large browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, you have to install a secondary browser. Go to "" and select your operating system (Sorry Mac users), and make SURE to select 32-bit Pale Moon. Install the browser. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 2) Depending on your system type, download either flashpatch_x64 OR flashpatch_x86 from "". If you use a 32-bit PC, you must download flashpatch_x86. Run the program. If you get a warning from your computer or antivirus, this is normal. Flashpatch needs to access Flash system files in order to remove the timebomb. Ignore the warning and allow flashpatch to patch the timebomb. It should take about 5-10 seconds. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 3) Congratulations, you're done! Run Pale Moon (if it was already running, close it and open it again) and begin creating Blingees with your working Flash player. If Flash still doesn't work, continue to step 4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 4) Install the last version of flash without the timebomb. Download is available here: During the installation process, make sure to select "never check for updates". Restart Pale Moon and try again. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ If all else fails, private message me on discord @french#2104, or leave a comment and I'll try to troubleshoot ASAP. Feel free to share this message on your own Blingees to help spread the message!
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