Message to TH Stalkers

Message to TH Stalkers
A message to the stalkers of Tokio Hotel from kaulitz-junkie™ and the fans of Tokio Hotel. It is time for all the Tokio Hotel fans to unite – both to show our support for Bill, Tom, their friends and families and to send a clear message to the crazy band of bitches that would do them harm. I am not condoning any physical harm to anyone. They need to understand that we will not tolerate their behavior and will form our own Tokio Hotel “Neighborhood Watch.” We will band together and report any sightings of them to the authorities or block any of their propaganda on websites. We will shut them down -- this has already begun. If they continue, we will see that they get prosecuted to the full extent of the law and file a class action against them. Please post this graphic on your page and repost this message as a bulletin or message to your friends. Thanks. kaulitz-junkie™
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SweetyTweety2309 dit:

Il y a 5260 days
ur so right i agree great blingee =)

Jan483 dit:

Il y a 5461 days
i agree-very nice!

stephy19910 dit:

Il y a 5464 days
wow it's beautiful !!!

i support tokio hotel 100 % 

JayAlexBaby dit:

Il y a 5466 days
That's me again. I wanted to tell you that I have several myspage pages and I posted your blingee and your blog on them to show it to all. Hope it will work. Bye

jesseforever69 dit:

Il y a 5472 days
wow this is so good!
an i agree with u on this!
i support tokio hotel 100%
this is better then my blingee that i made

JayAlexBaby dit:

Il y a 5472 days
I agree with you. You have my support. I know what it means to have a stalker. The brothers can be happy to have such fans like you.

XxYakumoxTaso... dit:

Il y a 5472 days
LOVE iT! <3 ;D

monsoon32 dit:

Il y a 5474 days
You're right! Well done.

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