The Vampire Diaries ~Damon & Stefan & Elena~

The Vampire Diaries ~Damon & Stefan & Elena~
I'm obssesed with ths show! It's better then Twilight! I was gonna start watching this show but I missed the 1st 3 Episodes so I was like whatever I just won't watch it. But my friends were freakin out bout how awesome it was so I started wacthing it & know I'M OBSSESED! I'm Team Stefan... duh :P & don't say they're copying Twilight because this was oringally a book series that come outin th 90's! Way before Twilight! You can't find the 1st & 2nd episode on Utube so use this link: (U don't HAVE to do the survey just refresh the page if it comes up) For the second episode I would recomend not pausing it because everytime I did that it froze. ForEpisode 3 use this link: & on the side click on More from ShayanK369 & the other part are all there :) Now what are you still going here? Go watch it & fall in love with it right NOW! // "Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right know, wish right know, wish right know." -Airplanes by B.o.B ft Hayley Williams // & my choice for Elena (between Stefan and Damon) is Stefan <3
Créé par: Devil1010

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The Vampire Diaries ~Damon & Stefan & Elena~
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paramore992 dit:

Il y a 3836 jours
hi your blingee is amazing!!!
if u like the vampire diaries join here
it's a group about that
and if u want to see the episode u don't whatch
here is in streaming
it's with the italian subtitles
but the language is in english 
kiss kiss

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