FairyTale Fantasy

FairyTale Fantasy

Welcome to Fairytale Blingees! In this group, a lot of fairytales will be incorporated, such as Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel. A lot of OTHER things will also be included such as dragons, unicorns, etc. We'll also have holiday comps too!!

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Congrats Jennifer (She won the Unicorn comp) and Maryanne (She won the Anime Valentine Comp)!!! Our group default is Maryanne's blingee because that's the next holiday! Happy Valentine's Day!

YAY! Welcome, Cyndi! You are our new assitant manager!!! WHOO HOO!

Check the update! I will leave them from time to time! :)

Welcome to Fairytale Fantasy! This group is for making friends, making fairytale blingees, and entering competitions! Continue reading for further info :)

Anyone is welcome, as long as you are responsible,are not vulger or inappropriate, are kind to everyone, and loves to have fun! My top rule is: DON'T STEAL BLINGEES. If you steal blingees, you are stealing someone's way of expressing themselves, and you need to create your own. 

All comps will start on Wednesday, and will stop on Monday. People will vote for the winner, and then, the winner will get to pick a theme, but will have to run it by me first! I don't want to limit anyone from expressing their creativity, so we'll try to have our comps as broad as possible :) I want the comps to be organized, so only enter the ones that are related to the competitions. If you enter, you should vote so we can get a winner. If you have blingees that you've already made, you can enter those too! Please, let's limit the amount of blingees that you enter to five blingees! Also, the blingee of the week, will be the winner's winning blingee.

~Comps for the month of Janurary~

1/30-2/8 Mermaid by Maryanne
1/30-2/8 Geisha Girl by Jennifer


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