~*Media Mashup*~

~*Media Mashup*~

~*Media Mashup*~ Managers~Atjt98(Alex) & Samantha_Christiana (Sam) & Pixytta (Julie) A place for Movie/Celebrities/TV/Music AND Book crazy Blingsters!!

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                  ~*Media Mashup*~

This group focuses on all things entertainment.
Celebrities, Bands, Movies, Tv shows, AND BOOKS.

While we understand that Disney stars are very popular, there are tons of groups dedicated to them, so let this be a Disney free zone ;)

Competitions will be held weekly.

Blingee Challenges will be worked on through the week and voting will take place on the weekends..Winner announced on Sunday evenings..

Winner then picks challenge for upcoming week.


Think you'll be bored on the voting weekend?

Think again! We have "Book Club Weekends."
This is a fun activity for all of us blingsters that are also avid readers. Make blingees about your favorite books or a current book you're reading. In the description, make sure to put the title of the book and the author who wrote it, along with a short description and or quote that your blingee is based on. :)

This way we can get ideas about what to read next!! YAY,lol!


*Only two blingees per competition allowed to be entered.
*Remember to add only Competition blingees and Book Club Blingees to Group Blingees, please.

*Rate all Competition entries. Comments are not a "must", but are always fun to receive!

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