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Heute schicke ich Dir meinen Traum vom Weihnachtsbaum....
Blessing of Thorns
Happy New Year. Why Jan 1 is the start of New Years  Joyful226
D.u.c.k.Y pαяα∂ιsє =]
A Mothers Love
A Quiet Moment~
Taking the Big Step
Zachary Quintorc36
Time Of Your Life
τнєяє's øиℓy 1 τнιиg, 2 ∂ø ,3 ωøя∂s 4 yøυ... ι ℓøvє yøυ ♥
Selena Gomez ♥ {Original Blingee by Vane♥}
When Life is Good - My Entry #1 - Elmer Fudd