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 Ŧl๏ฬєг l๏שєгร
๑ єשєгא tเ๓є เ ςl๏รє ๓א єאєร, เt`ร lเкє ค ๔คгк קคгค๔เรє ๑
 ħίģħ ħέέĻş άήȡ мч јέώĻέŕч ȡŕίρρίή'
♥{Do you know what I´m waiting for?}♥
♥{Found you in a river of pure emotion}♥
Scorpio Sonia and Aquarius Tokisada are sleeping of Gender Bender*!!!
Anime girl gif*!!!
Pancho Toad - (Tijuana Toads)*!!!

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