lol so true post

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~ Love So True, Yet Forbidden~
Love Is So True And Forever by Preciousbaby63
New Blue and Oh So True
its so true!!!!!!!!
:D:D:D:D: So True:D:D:D
so true awh
Thank you so much!!!
Friends Are Like Snowflakes... They Are All So Different!
:x so true。。。
Hey there..Wanna play with me
~→→⇏⇎⑴⓶③☊☋★☆♥♬✏ ímα gєt thσsє dαncєín shσєzz,& just gєt lσσsє, cαn чσu, gєttt lσsє cαn чσu? gєt lσσsє?!</3<3<#3~→→⇏⇎⑴⓶③☊☋★☆♥♬✏

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