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Hey i'm Ashley or u can call me Ash!! I'm a creative
fun girl!! I'm a huge fan of Taylor Lautners Justin Biebers n The maine!!! I also love to Draw!! I am planning to make a blingee with a few of my personal drawings!!! i enjoy swimming n foot ball GO BRONCOS!! 

i am 15 my birth day is in November!! please excuse any mispellings im a horrible speller!! haha
i have 1 brother n 1 sister n 2 step sisters n 1 step brO!! i have 4 dogs that i love nala cloie boi boi n latte!! gurl ran away n dusty died!! :( but life moves on

im a huge family person!! id do apsolutelya anything for my family!! i have a myspace n a facebook!
i love commenting pictures just as much as i like recieving them!! thank you every 1 that has commented i greatly appreciate it!

                  ----///-\\\----Put This
                  ---|||---|||---On Your 
                  ---|||---|||---Blingee Site If 
                  ---|||---|||---You Know 
                  -----\\///-----Who Died
                  ----///--\\\---Or Has Cancer


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wuilmart dit:

Il y a 4009 days
kikou a tous je vous laisse choisir votre stamp  sur le theme de l automne avec un animal bonne chance a tous et bon blingée 

KimberlyV65 dit:

Il y a 4024 days
Hello! Thank you for the comment on my Blingee!

Kasey9fan77 dit:

Il y a 4061 days
Rockies & BRONCOS Fans lol . I forgot the word Fans lol. 

Kasey9fan77 dit:

Il y a 4061 days
Hello , nice to meet you Ash. I love the BRONCOS there my favorite team and my family's FAV. There all from Denver CO. So yeah they are Big Rockies & BRONCOS . Take Care Thanks For Your Comments From Missy

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