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My name is Vasi.I'am 12 years old.I'am a girl.I am from Bulgaria in Varna.Well that's all i can say.
❤❤❤I Love You ♥♥♥Papi♥♥♥!❤❤❤



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shadow00542 dit:

Il y a 3239 jours
Thank you! ^^
I'm Elsa

DOAGirls dit:

Il y a 3532 jours
Awesome blingees

mangax dit:

Il y a 3582 jours
thanks for the comment

mangagirl197 dit:

Il y a 3583 jours
hi ^.^

xXHarumiyaXx dit:

Il y a 3600 jours
thx so muchz! :)

Maleehajuly7 dit:

Il y a 3606 jours
I noticed you like Amy and Shadow! I like them too from Sonic. xD I like to choose characters I pretend to be, I love Blaze, she is awesome, Blaze and Silver are super cool. :) I think your Amy blingees are very pretty and including the ones with Shadow!

lovelyanimegirl3 dit:

Il y a 3607 jours

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