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It's time to leave the Blingee page, nothing can stop me here .. because there is nothing you can do there .. unfortunately the Blingee-Team has probably not found an optimal solution, although there are many solutions .. the page not more works for me I'm so sorry .. I don't know what else I could write great here .. I will probably miss everything from here .. I've been here since 2008/09, that was my childhood site where I could create creative blingees, take part in competitions Could, write with other people, upload stamps and much more. The one thing that disappointed me and made me speechless, that the mod blocked me from the group even though I didn't write anything bad at all. Since then I can't post any comments in the Blingee Group .. totally unnecessary.

so, well, I wish everyone good health and lots of success .. GOODBYE!

                                             Your Krissy: *

                                 signed: Krissy / AnimeLover6


                                            ~му ℓαѕт вα∂gєѕ~



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★✿¤•gιѕєℓℓє.м... dit:

Il y a 814 jours
Hey! I'm wondering if maybe you can join with some on p**mix? We need more anime universe on there. This is my profile if you'd like to :)


mariefrancois... dit:

Il y a 1019 jours
bonjour toutes le monde est j'ai picmixcom comme on ne peut plus créer ici moi j'ai garde le méme nom la bas c'est mariefrancoisebastien bonne journée Marie

Kiwi120 dit:

Il y a 1119 jours
Ich war leider eine Weile inaktiv hier bei Blingee und nun komme ich zurück und Blingee macht dicht :C. Ich habe mir auf Picmix einen Account erstellt, also kann man mich dort wieder finden.



AkiraMarbela dit:

Il y a 1124 jours
For various reasons, we have had difficulties in blingee due to flash, and although they have announced the unfortunate closure, I want to be positive.
I will always be grateful to blingee for letting me meet you and be part of your friends.
I will be on the site that several have moved to (PicMix) with the same user (AkiraMarbela).
Once again, thank you, I'll keep coming in and keep an eye out for things to change on the fantastic site. Take care and see you. Hugs.
† AkiraMar †

❤Strawberry❤ dit:

Il y a 1137 jours
Oh I see so that's why. Thanks for letting me know. 

BBB338 dit:

Il y a 1138 jours
I got this warning from Adobe: 
It is still 11-1-2021 in USA but in Europe it is 12-1-2021. (Jan. 12, 2021). In Germany, Poland, Flash player has stopped working now!

For safety of your computer Adobe says to uninstall Adobe Flash Player by 12-1-2021:


Important to read this page!

Teodoruka dit:

Il y a 1138 jours
Let me know if you know anything, please! ^^

Teodoruka dit:

Il y a 1138 jours
They also knew that they are only two people and it's gonna be harder to do it so.
This frustrates me.

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