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wilfried1947 dit:

Il y a 954 jours
How to create a Blingee?
Before installing the flash player, you should uninstall any flash player that may still be installed on the hard drive.
To download the version of Flash: https://gofile.io/d/1XqOHP
To download this version of Palemoon browser:
Important: Do not allow an update here by Flash-Player!
Read my profile!


wilfried1947 dit:

Il y a 955 jours
Blingee is possible!!! Please read my profile. I recommend the PaleMoon browser and the Flash player, I have given these two links below. Please read through and then click on the links.


sisi080985 dit:

Il y a 1175 jours
hello me nn more I couldn't do it but a person on blingee told me to download pale moon in europe version I tested and miracle it works except that the site is in English look on my profile she put this k ' I must do I hope I have helped you, keep me informed

papermoon666 dit:

Il y a 1179 jours
I'm just a moderator not the owner of the website who makes decisions ..... for now it is impossible to create on blingeemaker but they are working to find a solution .... you have to be patient!  regards

theswanprince... dit:

Il y a 1593 jours
hi want to be friends


Il y a 1889 jours
whats a Garnet ?

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