"You get what anybody gets, Bernie. You get a lifetime. No more. No less." -Sandman

☘ Capricorn.

That's the way
the mighty they fall
Break their legs
and they don't stand so tall


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papermoon666 dit:

Il y a 332 jours
ti do una dritta....io riesco a farlo funzionare su W7 ;-)

papermoon666 dit:

Il y a 332 jours
Flash Player non è più supportato da google dal 31-12-2000 per cui è come se Blingee non esistesse più .... speriamo passino ad htlm

myiri dit:

Il y a 2173 jours
I tuoi blingee sono veramente bellissimi e anch'io  seguo Doctor Who da un bel po' ormai.. mi fa sempre felice scoprire qualche altro Whovian!

midnasoul5 dit:

Il y a 2199 jours
Oh, yes! My favorite is "God Help the Outcasts", Esmeralda has such a beautiful singing voice, and I love they included religion in a Disney film.
Isn't in the original story Quasimodo a murderer? That's what I've heard but, because I never got to read the book yet, I don't know if that's true:/

Frα dit:

Il y a 2199 jours
Grazie a te per averla accettata :)

midnasoul5 dit:

Il y a 2200 jours
I never got to read those ones, no, but I am a HUGE fan of Notre Dame, Disney and the place:)

wua8 dit:

Il y a 2206 jours
『♥ Otaku's Heart』

$ωεε† †Ʀεα† ☘ 43rd contest

Hope you can participate!

midnasoul5 dit:

Il y a 2208 jours
I liked that song, too. But my favorite is "Do You Hear the People Sing?"
"Singing the song of angry men, it is the music of the people who will not be slaves again. When they beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums, there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes."

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