The World Pushed Me Over So I Rolled Over and Watched The Starry Night Sky

Sometimes a good motto or saying that makes sense would cheer me once and a while. Some make sense some don't, some of love some of heart break and my favourite some that are hilarious. Here are some for you guys out there:
-To find perfection just look into the mirror.

-Enjoy life... there's plenty of time to be dead.

-Love is like a shooting star, it comes and goes and eventually it crashes and burns.

-Live fast, die pretty.

-It's only funny 'til someone gets hurts... then it freakin' hilarious.

-After Tuesday, even the Calender goes W T F.

-Every time I look at the keyboard, U and I are always together.

-Don't think of a glass of water half empty but think of it half full.

-Don't bother to make a girl fall for you if your not going to catch her.

-Don't think of everything as a fail just think of it as an attempt.

-I'm not short I was tall once but gravity pulled me down.

-333, I'm half demon.

-Love is like jumping off a high building, your head tells you that it's not a good idea but your heart tell you that you can fly.

-The mirror can lie. It doesn't show what's inside

-My children love my mother, and I tell my children "that is NOT the woman I grew up with. That is an old woman trying to get into Heaven".

-Some say that I'm immortal because each time I die I come back to life. But really Heaven kicked me out and Hell was too full.

-I can tell when you lie because when you lie I see right through you but when you tell the truth I can see your soul.

-Don't give up on your dreams, keep on sleeping.

-YOLO: You Only Live Once... Unless you a Zombie.

-If you never felt pain and sadness then you never knew what happiness and relief was.

-Some say that if you can't beat them then join them but what if they were Haterz? What do you do if those you loved hated you and the haterz still would stab you in the back.

-Blood is thicker than water

-Only God Can Judge Me.

-When you feel that spark and the fire starts you know it will burn passionately.

-Life is like riding a bike. In order top keep balance you must keep moving.

-Keep you promises and if you know that you'll break them one day then don't cast them.

-If nothing goes right... try to go left.

-Real Eyes_Realise_Real Lies

-People say that can't live without love... I think oxygen is more important

-I sometimes look back into my past and thought of all the choices that I ever made to get me here in the present and think "I regret nothing".

-I have a dream where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned

-Some people are like bombs if you tamper with them the wrong way, or treat them badly then they will explode one day and they will disappear along with the landscape only leaving the empty void in which you will suffer in.


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nataliplus dit:

Il y a 3765 jours
Merry Christmas, dear friend! All blessings to you and happiness. whole. Natasha.

nermai dit:

Il y a 3768 jours
For you!!!/Para ti!!!:
I hope you like this little present!!!/Espero que te guste este pequeño regalo!!! :D
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!/Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo!!! ^^
Lots of kisses!!!/Besooos!!!

3mam7.7 dit:

Il y a 3832 jours

Hello, thank you very dearly for the invitation I gladly accept. I bid you * welcome *

to my friends and look forward to the next time.
Best wishes for a wonderful weekend to come from Marion 

It would be great if you tell me your birthday date.

debrarella dit:

Il y a 3832 jours
Hi Sweety, Thankyou For The Lovely Comments And Votes, I Really Appreciate it :) Hope Your Having A Lovely Weekend...Hugs Debs x

raysmith42 dit:

Il y a 3838 jours
Hi Friend!!
I won 1st place in Goth Competition last week!! I can't believe it! Check it out!!

HannahJuly dit:

Il y a 3855 jours
Also, welcome to my circle. Sorry this took so long to make, I was downloading Star Wars Pinball to my 3DS :D

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