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Hello There I Am Twilight Sparkle Let Me Tell You About Myself. Age: 21 In Pony Version :) Real Twilight Sparkle Eyes: Purple Hair Color: Purple In And Light Purple: Skin: Light Purple: Cutie Mark: Big Star: Emotions: Evil Nice Kind Sad Happy Mean Angry Shy Blush: I Can Turn Evil HAHAHA Here Is Our Kill List Rainbow Dash Bon Bon Pinkie Pie Apple Jack Fluttershy Vinyl Lyra Mr.Cake Derpy Luna Trixie Cadence Spike Celestia Shinning Armor Carrot Top That's All HAHAHA Here Are My Friends Pinkie Pie Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Apple Jack Rarity My Real Friend KittyCatRarity. NEW ALBUM VINYL SCRATCH THE NIGHT OF THE DANCE INCLUDES THE NIGHT OF THE DANCE THE FULL MOON NUMBER 5 MUSIC MEANS PARTY DISCORD EVIL TWILIGHT SPARKLE VS PINKIE PIE NEW ALBUM COMING SOON VINYL SCRATCH THE LOOK OF CHOAS :D :) :3 _______PRE_______________ORDER OF ALBUM IF IT CAN'T COME SORRY WORKING ON NEW ALBUM PRE SHIRTS SMALL LARGE MEDIUM CHECK PROFILE FOR INFORMATION ASK ANYTHING. Want To Ask A MLP Question? Ask EVILTwilightSparkle4 Ask Me Any Kind Of MLP Question.Making A Blingee Contest BEST MLP BLINGEE Make The Best MLP Blingee And Who Ever Gets The Most Votes Wins! Good Luck My Ponies. Nightmare Moon Is Coming On Blood Moon Stayed Tune For That. EVERYDAY PONIES The Best Pony Blingee Person Sign Up It Can Be Vintage Anime Winter LPS MLP Emo Any Kind And I Will Call Out The Username The First One Was RubyCat2! Cngrats My Friend Keep On Getting There! The Twilight Sparkle Tv Team EvilRarity KittyCatRarity HannahJuly Fluttershout EVILPrincessPeach And More! Vinyl Scratch New Album The Remix Of This Day Aria Here Is The Original Version -Music- Evil Cadence* This Day Is Going To Be Perfect The Kinda Day I Dreamed Since I Was Small EveryPony Will Gather Around With My Lovely Wedding Dress What They Don't Know Is That I Have Fooled Them All. Cadence* This Day Was Going To Be Perfect The Kinda Of Day Which I Dreamed Since I Was Small But Instead Of Having Cake. Well You Know All Of It.-OCTAVIA NEW ALBUM I AM OCTAVIA-


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jirel dit:

Il y a 3160 jours
to say goodbye

papuzzetto dit:

Il y a 3476 jours
Hi my dear!

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Have a wonderful new week
kisses, Dani♥

papuzzetto dit:

Il y a 3483 jours
Hi dear!

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Have a nice new week
kisses, Dani♥

papuzzetto dit:

Il y a 3490 jours
Hi my dear friend!
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Have a wonderful monday
Kisses, Dani♥

fluttershout dit:

Il y a 3497 jours

EspioXVanessa... dit:

Il y a 3579 jours
Thanks ^^

superpinkypri... dit:

Il y a 3709 jours
hey we can do this 

Lauriedu75 dit:

Il y a 3709 jours
Welcome to my circle ^•^

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