Me,Me,Me,And Me!!!!

i love animals.animals are so cute!!! that's why i have so many animal blingees!!!My sister REALLY LOVES KINGDOM HEARTS SO MUCH(THIS IS KaylieTaylor typing the Kingdom Hearts thing...)!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SONG OH AND BY THE WAY IT'S CARAMELL DANSEN
 i love this song Hips Don't Lie by shakira and whyclef jean and as you can see ive trying to get into liking anime even though i already like kingdom hearts black butler and all that stuff im trying to get into vocaloid i like Rin,Len,Miku,Kaito,Gumi,Luka,IA,Sul and a lot more

                     ALL ABOUT ME

what i think of anime:i love anime a lot
animals:are so cute
fave songs:Hips don't lie by Shakira and Whyclef Jean,Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood, Pompeii by Bastille, Cannibal and Dinosaur by Ke$ha

Things I hate: The thing I don't like about people is when they act like they are someone else. I hate when people lie to me so don't be that person to me.
You know who you are... *cough cough* Skittlez317 *cough cough*


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lousei dit:

Il y a 3281 jours
   ♥  ♥  ♥ You're WELCOME ♥  ♥  ♥    
         ♥¸    ♥Dear♥    ¸♥   
               For you

p_o dit:

Il y a 3281 jours
Thanks. But i've been on blingee for 2 years now, so yeah. <:)

ifrahs12 dit:

Il y a 3362 jours
can you be my friend please

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