Hey u!!

Hello everybody!
my name is Klara and i'm 17.
i'm half german and half italian.
btw i live in Germany now.
i speak german, english and italian.

so i love:
-Tokio Hotel
-Bill Kaulitz
-Tom Kaulitz
-Georg Listing
-Gustav Schäfer
-chocolate XD
-my best friend Heidi
-all my friends
-my family
-scene queen [Audrey Kitching, Kiki Kannibal, Dakota Rose..and many more!]
and many other things!!

prinzessin_kla91@hotmail.com     add me NOW!!!!!


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-team-edward- dit:

Il y a 4705 jours
can u plz comment and rate my blingees

_noemy95_ dit:

Il y a 5434 jours
ciaO!! x favOre mi pOtresti votare in qst sfida??  http://blingee.com/group/37517/topic/35059 ?? ricambiO qnd vuOi ciauu e grazie in anticipO! un baciO!!

Angioletto282 dit:

Il y a 5449 jours
¢ιασ, нσ ¢яєαтσ υи иυσνσ gяυρρσ ѕυι ¢σи¢σяѕι, ρυятяσρρσ нσ ρσ¢нι мємвяι є gяαzιє αℓ тυσ αιυтσ ρσтяєввєяσ ∂ινєитαяє тαитιѕѕιмι, тι αѕѕι¢υяσ тαитσ тαитσ ∂ινєятιмєитσ, νιєиι α ∂αяgℓι υи'σ¢¢нιαтα, иσи тє иє ρєитιяαι...
gяαzιє ιи αитι¢ιρσ... http://blingee.com/group/44285--

jacky_kaulitz95 dit:

Il y a 5466 jours
ciao entra in qst gruppo!! ^^

Crazy_Girl_94 dit:

Il y a 5568 jours
Ciau..Ti piacciOnO gli emO? Vieni Qui 


QuestO gruppO è nuOvissimO..Entra! 
Ci cOntO ;) 

pinekaa dit:

Il y a 5585 jours
3kisses+2hugs=1 chance at love. If u open this u will get the best relationship in '09 baby. Send to 10 ppl or u will have bad luck with love all year!

billclau dit:

Il y a 5591 jours

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