- Mariana . //

Hi, my name is Mariana Radigonda, I'm Brazilian, was born on June 19, 1993, I'm 17 years old, have a family and a perfect boyfriend.

I'm still in school * cries *. Yes it is very triste.Eu hate studying.

Please comment my blingees! Add me! I do not bite! (Only if you ask ... 66 '

Ok ... Confession: I am very curious and talkative!

Important Things ...

~> I do nothing special ... if you google my name and show many photos of me ... not because I'm famous ... is because there are evil people who are using me.

~> I'm not fake. And I do not know how to prove it to anyone. I need to trust you.

~> I'm honestly very disappointed with the Brasil.Perdeu once again the chance to show to the world who's the best.

~> I do not speak very well English ... I hope you understand!


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Nii-Nii970 dit:

Il y a 3908 jours
pero tquiero eliminar de mi vida 
contraseña******...cargando...ERRO´es imposible eliminar nuestra amistad tu significa mucho para mi.enviar a 10 persona que tu nunca quieres perder.si obtiene 3 devuelta eres una increible amiga

irene867 dit:

Il y a 3921 jours
Awwww you are so sweety^^ Thank you^^
Yeah I'm on blingee a bit of time, you??
Ps: How are you??

                     Byee for this moment^^

irene867 dit:

Il y a 3923 jours
Yeah I'm study because I'm 12, on the 30 dicember I'll am 13.
No, Bracciano is the most ugly and bored city of the italy and the word, but it have beautiful boys... like Filippo(L) :)

And your city?? Are it beautiful??

                See you soon       Irene

irenanna99 dit:

Il y a 3938 jours
Hello! My name is Irene, but you can call me too Ire or as you want:)
Would you like to be friends? I hope so!
Bye new friend ^^

irene867 dit:

Il y a 3941 jours
Yess I really come from to Italy!! Really do you like this?? I love too my countryyy.
Where you come from?? I live on Bracciano( I hate this city) but I born to Roma and aunt Antonella live in Venice!!^^
How are you??

irene867 dit:

Il y a 3944 jours
Hi!! I'm Irene!! I've just wachted one of your blingee... AND I LOVE IT!!

pinkyghurl31 dit:

Il y a 4008 jours
congratulations! you won!

here is your badge..=))




pinkyghurl31 dit:

Il y a 4029 jours
Hi There..How Are You?

you can now VOTE for ~COLOURLOVER~'s 1st competition 


thank you very much =))


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