Had this account a LONG time ago and i'm back

 Used this account a long time ago. Looking back it was kinda cringy... I guess I won't delete my past terrible blingees, but just know that I know they are bad an embarrising but in my defense I was very young and had no experience...


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blauefee1976 dit:

Il y a 2133 jours

twilightpotter dit:

Il y a 3012 jours
wants you to join my new group?

lua17 dit:

Il y a 3132 jours
Ciao, ami la magia? Hai sempre desiderato essere la/il protagonista della Saga di Harry Potter? Desideravi far parte del magnifico trio o schierarti insieme a Malfoy? Vorresti lanciare incantesimi, creare pozioni o catturare il boccino d'oro? Ora tutto questo è possibile... unisciti a noi nel primo gruppo che si svolgerà in GDR dedicato alla saga di Harry Potter...Slytherin vs Gryffindor in the future... preparati a vivere una magica avventura!   

betabi dit:

Il y a 3175 jours
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!
Hello potterhead in the group The Marauder's Map is started on the 8° competition. We hope to give a revived this funeral!
I would be pleased if you come to participate or at least take a look!
Mischief managed!

kikki100 dit:

Il y a 3229 jours
enter the blingee in my group:

nenevale dit:

Il y a 3230 jours
hello you want to add your blingee in my group?

1ALK dit:

Il y a 3239 jours
thank you for making me your friend

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