It Can't Rain All the Time. -The Crow

Hey:) My name is Megan. My favorite color is blue. I am 27  years old now. This was my old account that I have had since 2007 or 2008. I created a new account recently, and then was able to figure out my old username after searching through Korn stamps and finding ones that I had uploaded on my old account. As you can see I was successfully able to log back in, that is good especially since I have years of my Blingee work on this account(old)...So after 2 to 4 years...I'm back :)

I'm a total music nut who of course LOVES listening to music. I enjoy listening to rock, metal, r&b, Reggae, pop, and some hip hop/rap. Korn is my absolute favorite band. I can relate to a lot of their lyrics. I can relate to other bands/artists music too, that's why I like music so much. No matter how I'm feeling or what I'm going through, I can always find a song that relates to how I am feeling in that moment. It's healing and inspiring, I believe so is prayer and learning to love yourself.  Life is about treating yourself and others with respect. The quicker you choose to learn and accept that, you and those around you will be better off. No one's life is perfect, we all have our battles and pain that we face.  We are still supposed to have moral values that we try to stick by. When someone has no regards for themselves or anyone else, they truly have no moral boundaries ensuing chaos, when moral boundaries don't exist, roots of apathy take root and breed destruction. Why not be a good change in the world instead? 


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theswanprince... dit:

Il y a 146 jours
hi want to be friends 

BlackCatIsGOD dit:

Il y a 285 jours
Your Blingees are great! I noticed that you make your own stamps. It adds a great personal touch to your work! You are welcome to join my group at

Rosyfinley dit:

Il y a 4315 jours

Fairyirish04 dit:

Il y a 4321 jours
Here ya go, just for you.  I didn't put it on private because if I did, you couldn't use it.  But YOU might be able to put it on private, anyway, have fun.  I'd love to see you win big, you sure deserve it.  There are so many good Artists that just get overlooked by, well, we all know, right?  When I'm voting, I check names...ok?  Good Luck, :)

Fairyirish04 dit:

Il y a 4322 jours
Hey there, thanks for what you said, I've voted some of yours down pretty low, you may just be gettin some badges, I sure hope so.  I never saw your work until now, I LOVE IT.  You have your own style, that means more than anything.  Keep it up, and NevaTurnBack, ok? haha, Love, Mary:) Good Luck!


Il y a 4322 jours
Thank you for the comment!

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