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✿Why:1.Daisy has always been my fave Mario character
2.If i can,i will always use her in games:)
3.I don't think she's annoying (unlike some people):(
4.My friends say that i'm Daisy's biggest fan
5.Me & my friends have a Daisy club :)
6.I like flowers
7.I draw Daisy A LOT.
8.I think Daisy's the best Princess ever
9.I will love Daisy 4ever
10.I have lots of posters & drawings of her
11.When i write my lowercase i's,i put a flower instead of a dot :)
12.Luigi is my fave male video game person ( Still i like Daisy more than Luigi)
13.I LOVE gardening
14:I say her quotes ALL THE TIME!
15:Lugi x Daisy is my fave gaming couple
16:my FAVE colors are yellow,green,&,orange.
17:I like to rival Waluigi like 20%.
18:I HATE gaming guys that kidnap Daisy.
19:I have many Daisy nicknames like 1Daisyfan
20:I have a lot of reasons
21:There is NOTHING i hate about Daisy
22:My fave flower is a Daisy
24:I think Daisy is WAY better than Peach
25:I know EVERYTHING about her
26:I think Daisy is THE BEST! :)
27:I have my own reasons
28:I think Baby Daisy & Daisy r WAYYY cuter than Peach & Baby Peach.
29:I like it that she's a tomboy
31:I am on the PrincessDaisy4eva's Daisy fansite :D
32:I think Daisy should have WAYYYY more games than Mario.
33:I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many pics of her In my wii room & my bedroom
34:I think Daisy looks wayyyyy better than any gaming girl.
36:EVERYONE to my friends,to my teachers, EVERYBODY THINKS I'M HER #1 FAN 4EVA!
37:In my art class,I draw lots of pics of Daisy & she somtimes hangs them up ( Not trying to brag )
38:My fave course in MKWII is Daisy circuit.
39:I LOVE the Daisy circuit song,& the Daisy hills song,and,the,Daisy Cruiser song.
39:I am a LOTTTTT like her
40:I think Daisy should be in EVERY video game.
41: I draw flowers all the time!
42:I think Daisy is SOOOOOOOO AWESOME!
43:I sew & i somtimes make sew her outfits & when i'm done everybody LOVES em!
44:U can't say that i'm not on the #1 Daisy fan bus
45:On the NitendoPrincessDaisyFansite,The REAL Princess Daisy think's i'm one of her #1 fans
46:I have A LOOOOOTTTT of orange,Yellow,&,green stuff in my wii room & my bedroom
47:I have a pic of her on my wii
48:People call me theRealDaisy because i act a lot like her.
49:I always scream DAISY IS #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
50:I am brave like her!
51:I think Daisy's is SOOOOOO cool!
52:I think i have more Daisy blingee's than anybody on Blingee.
53:Blaze is my fave sonic girl ( Because she's a tomboy like Daisy )
54:I have more reasons than anybody
55:Even if u tried,u could not stop me from being her #1 fan 4eva!
56:I think Daisy's 1000000000000000000% better than all mario princesses.
57:I had a plain T-Shirt,but then i used fabric markers,& i wrote: I'M DAISY'S #1 FAN 4EVA!
58:I don't copy people's reasons
59:I have soooooooo many Daisy drawings in my wii room & in my room!
60:I use Daisy all the time in games & i almost always win with her :D
61:My fave bikes in Mario kart wii are the Dolphin dasher and the Mach bike
62:I have a garden of a LOTTTT of flowers
63:I have a bag that has lots of Daisy flowers on it
64:I hate it when people call Daisy fat and ugly and other mean names
65:I have a bracelet that has Daisy flowers on it
66:I like flowers more than hearts
67:I look 4 pics of her all the time!
68:I do not hack in Mario kart wii and.ect
69:I make paper dolls of Daisy :)
70:I used 2 of my paper dolls of Daisy & i taped em on my diary and journal
71:I have a green,yellow,&,orange EVERYTHING
72:I love the Daisy journal skin!
73:I have pics of her on my locker
74:I say her voice very well.
75:I am not too girly
76:I have A HUGE collection of Mario stuff & Daisy stuff
77:I was a Daisy girl scout once
78:Posers copy me
79:I think Sarasaland is better then the mushroom kingdom
80:All of my reasons are true
81:I think Nintendo is better than Sega
82:I am in a lot of Daisy clubs ( in real life & on blingee! )
83:My bike is yellow,green,&,Orange.
84:I have made the 1st Luigi x Daisy club on blingee.
85:I have a Daisy club on Blingee
86:In the Check out mii channel on the wii,i fave a lot of Daisy mii's
87:I think Luigi is awesome!
88:I also think That Baby Luigi is awesome
89:And Mr.L!
90:If i had to give her two insults,they would be That she is bad at losing and bad at being ugly
91:My mii on Mario & Sonic at the 2012 Olympic games has the Daisy costume on
92:I like Mario games more than i like sonic games
93: I win with her in Mario sports mix
94:I win with her in Mario & Sonic at the 2012 Olympic games
95:I win with her in Mario party 9
96:I win with her in Mario kart 7
97:I win with her in Mario kart wii
98:I think Deanna mustard dose a great job with Daisy's voice!
99:I win with her in Mario strikers charged
100:I win with her in Mario super sluggers
101:I wish there was a game when Luigi saves Daisy
102:I like Luigi
103:I like Peach
104:I like Birdo
105:I don't like King Boo
106:I think Super Princess Daisy galaxy should be real
107:I like Toadette
108:I like Toad
109:I like Toadsworth
110:Daisy x Luigi is the only couple i have cried for!
111:I won the Super Princess Daisy comp on the Nintendo Princess Daisy fansite
112.I like Daisies better than Peaches
113:I wrote a report why i'm her #1 fan & she liked to sooooo much it got in the town paper :)
114:If i wear pink,i wear green,orange,or,yellow with it.
115:I took a quiz on her &my awnsers they are 100% right.
116:I beat solo mode in mario party 9 with her
117:I did a school poll & asked if they think i am her #1 fan r not. Everybody said yes or don't know
118:1 of My BFF is the #3 Peach fan and she wears pink ALL THE TIME!
119:I would be the 1st 1 to get to by super princess daisy when it came out
120:Moore than 50 butterflies come to my garden each day

✿I am running out of room with my reasons....so if you wanna see ALL OF my reasons,click here:http://princessdaisyrocks10.deviantart.com/

1:Most People say Luigi is better than Mario and Daisy got Luigi,not Mario
2:Luigi likes her
3:Waluigi likes her
4:Tatangala likes her
5:She only got kidnapped once and Peach has gotten kidnapped like a million times
6:She dose not cry
7:The Daisy plush smiles and the Peach plush seems confused? I dunno
8:More People like her Don't believe me? Check out some Peach vs Daisy vids! If they have results,check them out!
9:She slapped Bowser LIKE A BOSS in MP3
10:She's REALLY popular on MKWII
11:She almost NEVER cries
12:Whatever Peach can do,Daisy can do
13:She's most athletic 
14:Her hair is REALLY pretty
15:It is kinda easy to say Peach's voice and it is harder to say Daisy's voice
16:Ever wonder why Daisy is so hard to unlock and Peach is from the start? Because she can do better! Just my opinion,ok?
17:Daisy wears more than one color
18:Peach gets Kidnapped and plays sports,Daisy is athletic and seems as if she has a AMAZING life,and Rosalina plays MK and dose SOME stuff. That is one of the reasons why I like Daisy better! Daisy dose the most stuff!
19:In her losing animations in Mario Strikers charged,she dose not cry. She gets mad
20:Her crystal smash is her power and it is REALLY GOOD
21:Her hair is unique 
22:It takes more than Bowser to take her down
23:She has a better additude
24:She's a better ruler. Just look at it. The Mushroom Kingdom has been under attack like a million times. Sarasaland has only been under attack once.
25:There are a lot of needy women out there. Some want chocolates, others want attention, and snobby, dumb ones want gems and diamonds. If you look at Peach's outfit, she's covered in them. Giant jewels, giant gems, millions of coins' worth of 'em. Meanwhile, Daisy is rocking flowers, which means you can just pluck a daisy on the way over and she'll be happy. There's something to be said about a low maintenance woman. ( Not trying to rude and i DO NOT hate Peach )
26:She's a better driver. You can ask any of the pros or anyone. I bet they will say Daisy
27:In Super Princess Peach,Peach is SOOOOOOO emotional! Daisy's not emotional 
28:Most People say she's less annoying(I don't think Peach is annoying)
29:Peach annoys some People in games. You can just look at some stuff.
30:Daisy seems very happy.
31:Daisy's WAY more than a Princess
32:Daisy's more indpendent than Peach
33:There is a Anti-Peach song.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PY9sNzZ7Uygthere is NO anti Daisy song
34:When Peach get kidnapped,all she says is:Mario! Luigi! Help me! And dose NOTHING. Pretty stupid huh? Daisy would be killing Bowser
35:When you look up Why Peach is better than Daisy,ONE result comes up the Peach is better than Daisy. The rest of it is Daisy
36:Peach screams too much. Daisy almost NEVER screams.
37:Ever since she was first introduced, Nintendo made it clear that Daisy was a tomboy. When it comes right down to it, that means she’s more interesting to talk to, and likely less distracted by things like ponies and rainbows. While Mario is dealing with Peach giggling and wearing pink, Daisy is having fun playing sports. She's better in the sports games, too, so she'd likely be picked over Peach for a softball game.
38:She gets kidnapped less
39:For her image in Super Princess Peach,it was a big blow. It portrayed her as an emotional monster, and can't have left her feeling good about herself. All in all, Peach is zero for one when it comes to being the star. Daisy, on the other hand, has a flawless record. Completely and utterly flawless. (I DO NOT HATE PEACH.) ALL RIGHT? I LIKE HER.
40:Daisy can defend herself
41:There is PROOF that Daisy is better than Peachhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaFCkmeNiMs&list=UUqZ4R02dzUaEn-UHwGcZNJQ&index=2
42:she isn't afraid to do anything
43:She will stand up against others!
44:She is a better role model. Look at it. You would not wanna be emotinal or cry then People make fun of u! But Daisy's a great Role model! Just look at her!
45:She's a Tomboy. And we all know,Tomboys are AWESOME.
46:She makes better use of her outifts
47:She takes Peach's quotes and makes them better. Like:"Im Peach.""Hi im Daisy!"
48:Most People say that neglected characters are better
49:More People say that Peach is a slut
50:When People put Peach as one of their hottest Gaming girls,the vids,a lot of People dislike and say:Peach? On ur list? Really?
51:She has a larger fan base
52:The name Daisy is WAY more popular than the name Peach
53:We made something in class that answered Yes or No questions and i asked who do People like more? Daisy or Peach? It said Daisy
54:She's not a brat ( Not saying Peach is )
55:Or spoiled ( Not saying Peach is )
56:When Peach loses,she cries ( Unlike Daisy )
57:She sang a song,Save me with ur charm
58:People don't think she's weird
59:She has better powers
60:She has better Karts
61:Her colors look better with the Mario.bros
62:While Peach gets kidnapped,Daisy and Luigi are having the time of their lives ( I bet! )
63:She's not cloned ( Unlike Peach and Rosie )
64:She's not afraid to get down and dirty
65:I bet Peach wears makeup. Daisy dose not
66:She likes having fun
67:She likes being in parties
68:She is better than Peach in every way
69:I bet Peach teaches some Kids to cry ( Unlike Daisy )
70:Peach will never beat Daisy
71:He hair is unique
72:Luigi more lucky than Mario ( He dose not have to save Peach every 10 mins! )
73:She is friends with Yoshi and Birdo and Peach is just friends with Yoshi
74:In some of Peach's losing animations,she cries and throws a mini Tamper Tantrum. ( Not trying 2 be rude )
76:Her karts are cuter
77:In one of her winning animations,Smoke comes out of her body. When has Peach done that?
78:U know Peach's quote,"Oh,did i win?" She sound so naughty. Daisy DOSE NOT sound naughty
79:She's not afraid to stand up for Herself
80:Peach BARELY wears ANYTHING while snowbording. If Daisy was in that game,she would be wearing a shirt and shorts. ( Shows she's smarter! )
81:More People say that Daisy's hair is better than Peach's hair
82:It seems as if Peach wants EVERYTHING. Daisy dose not want everything
83:She expects Mario to save her EVERY time. Daisy dose not.
84:If you leave Peach alone,She will get kidnapped. Daisy won't
85:Peach's kart the Birthday girl,looks like throw up. ( Just a opinion ) Daisy's color of the Birthday Girl dose not.
86:she's a person with a real personality
87:She has a little cute flower on her neck
88:Daisy is more daring
89:You would think that after twenty five years of being kidnapped by the same person Peach would at least be smart enough to know how to escape from Bowser, but no, she just sits in \Bowser’s castle waiting for Mario to rescue her. 
90:Daisy is not all about Kisses and kidnappings. 
91:It is more likely that Peach will get upset about the silliest things.
92:She's a better fighter
93:She smiles more
94:Her megastrikes are better
95:She won't give up
96:Why Bowser never takes Daisy is because off her slap in MP3
97:Peach got kidnapped by goombas once. REALLY PEACH?
98:She dose not sound like a bith sometimes like Peach like:"Oh,did i win? Hehehe" ( I don't think she is,but i think she is in that quote 
99:When Peach dose not get her way,she cries,unlike Daisy.
100:She's not as picky
101:How old is Peach,5? I mean it is fine to wear pink,but she wears WAY too much.
102:More People play as her online
103:She's not silly
104:Baby Daisy and BL has shown that they love each other
105:Daisy dose better tricks
106:Baby Daisy dose better tricks
107:She dose not have 2 grow up like Peach ( For the LAST time,I DO NOT HATE PEACH! )
108:You don't see many People playing as Peach online
109:She's more useful. Look at it. In the Main games,Peach is a little useless. Why? Because all she dose not do anything kiss or so. 
110:She's better in the stikers games. Why? Because i put Peach on the hardest level once with Daisy and it was Daisy:11 Peach:0
111:She can beat anybody ( Peach can 2 but I dunno about Bowser.....kinda I guess )
112:She got in Wreck it ralph. Peach did not! Nor did Mario
113:She's awesome at tennis
114:She beat Bowser up before Peach did
115:She awesome at golf
116:She dose NOT cheat on Luigi like Peach dose sometimes ( When she kisses Luigi <:( )
117:There was a poll on fanpop that was:Who would u punch in the face? D,P,or R? And Peach and i would not punch any of them tied and Daisy got 0 votes
118:Bowser is scared of her unlike Peach
119:If u hit Peach,she would cry ( I BET. ) but if u hit Daisy,she would not cry she would just ignore u.
120:It is more likely that Peach would cry about a broken nail
121:I bet Daisy has more friends!
122:She got in a movie that MARIO did not get in
123:Peach is so fake. she acts all hot stuff in strikers but she cant even defend her own kingdom. ridiculous!
124:Peach has a nickname:Princess bith! I do not call Peach that and Daisy dose not
125:Lots of ppl play daisy in mk7 but they don't play as Peach
126:Peach changed her name. That shows she did not feel good about herself.
127:Daisy is better at sports

✽❀✿All reasons r here:http://princessdaisyrocks10.deviantart.com/

My reaction 2 Mario girls:


Peach:She's cool,but she can't really protect herself.

Birdo:I like her! She's a good sidekick on strikers

Toadette:I don't really think about her....but she's nice!


✽❀✿Ally's team names!✽❀✿

✽❀✿Daisy:Flower besties✽❀✿
✽❀✿Peach:Pink flowers✽❀✿
✽❀✿Blooper:Yellow ink✽❀✿
✽❀✿Birdo:Egg friends✽❀✿
✽❀✿Yoshi:Tomboy cuties✽❀✿
✽❀✿Mario:Fire flowers✽❀✿
✽❀✿Luigi:Yellow thunder✽❀✿
✽❀✿Hammer.Bro:Barn flowers✽❀✿
✽❀✿Toadette:Yellow shrooms✽❀✿
✽❀✿Toad:Short friends✽❀✿
✽❀✿Boo:Ghostly flowers✽❀✿
✽❀✿Dry bones:Bones and Flowers✽❀✿
✽❀✿Waluigi:Strong rivaly✽❀✿
✽❀✿Wario:Dead flowers✽❀✿
✽❀✿Mara:Blue flowers✽❀✿
✽❀✿Abigail:Flower boos✽❀✿
✽❀✿John:Forever couple✽❀✿
✽❀✿Bra:Flower bras✽❀✿
✽❀✿Pink-Heart:Flower hearts✽❀✿
✽❀✿Bra:Flower bras✽❀✿
✽❀✿Pink-Heart:Girl power✽❀✿
✽❀✿Want me 2 add anybody?!?! Let me know!✽❀✿

✽❀✿Ally's quotes!:

✽❀✿"Thank u 4 saving me John!" (Kisses)-Super John land✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Good choice!"-Mario tennis✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Hmmm....i wonder if i am the superstar!"-Mario party"✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Grrr....Tatangala,why do u kidnnap me?"-John's story"✽❀✿
✽❀✿"John,ur my knight in shining armor!"-John's story"✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Tatangala,have u relized i DO NOT like u?"-John's story"✽❀✿
✽❀✿"I rule!"-Mario party 2✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Let's do this!-Super Princess Daisy"✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Don't forget me Daisy! I am comming"-Super Princess Daisy"✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Care for some tea?"-Smash sisters✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Awesome!"-Mario party 3✽❀✿
✽❀✿"We have to do this!"-Mario golf✽❀✿
✽❀✿"Let's make nature!"-Smash sisters✽❀✿

✽❀✿All quotes:http://princessdaisyrocks10.deviantart.com/

✽❀✿LUISAY 4 EVA! THEY LOOK SO KUTE! I mean,there is so much fanfics,pics and stuff,dosen't it make u say:Awww! How kute! And if not...that's a suprise.....i kinda like Meach but not really✽❀✿

Ally's friendship status

Daisy:BFFS's(The S at da end means Sisters)
Jessica:BFFS's and Sisters
Candy:Awesome friends
Spider:Good friends
Bra:Great friend
Darcy:Cool friend
Pink-Heart:Ok friend
Pauline:Eh friend
Zelda:Good friends
Rosalina:Awesome friends
Peach:Awesome friends
Cora:.....I BARELY KNOW HER!!!!!!
Bea:Cool friends
Toadette:Nice friend
Mario:Good friend (No love involved)
Luigi:Awesome friend(No love involved)
John:Boyfriend(Love involved of course)
Mimi:Crazy friend
Winter:Awesome friend

I will add any1 2 da list




✽❀✿Put this on your profile if u think Daisy's is cool And she is!✽❀✿

✽❀✿I S-U-P-P-O-R-T D-A-I-S-Y✽❀✿

✽❀✿Put this on ur profile if u support Daisy!✽❀✿

✽❀✿Why Daisy is NOT A CLONE of Peach (My opinion):✽❀✿

✽❀✿Peach:They MAY have the same dress style,but that dose NOT mean they r clones. Daisy has Redish/Orangish hair. Peach is BLONDE. How can they be clones? (Don't tell me,just ask urself!) Also,Daisy would like Pink. But u know what? She likes Yellow,Orange,and Green. And Daisy and Peach have diffrent megastrikes in the strikers games.✽❀✿

✽❀✿Do not go saying:"Ur trying to change opinions!" "Ur trying 2 start fights!" I am NOT trying 2 do either of those. And i don't want Peach fans being mean cuz i have a diffrent opinion. If u disagree,that's fine. If u don't like  what i wrote,DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!✽❀✿

^D^ Put this...
^A^ ...on your profile...
^I^ ...if you want to keep...
^S^ ...Daisy from being hated.
^Y^ DAISY FTW!!!!!!!!! 

✽❀✿IF U LIKE,LOVE,OR THINK YELLOW IS FINE, JOIN THIS GROUP! http://blingee.com/group/86257-Yellow-Yellow-Yellow


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