I make pics for VHR and Myspace

I LOVE South Park!!! Kyle is my fav.  Don't ask why. If you've seen every show then you know why. Remenber the one when He found out his lil. bro.  was adopted from Canada, well what else did we find out in that show!  yeah thats why..  if you don't know then don't ask.  Go to the website. Find out yourself cause I'm not telling everyone who may read this. Most people don't need to know(and don't want to know) ok well I'll I'm saying about that is Kyle is still the coolest persin I'll never meet  lolzzzzzzzz  (yeah most of that was a joke but Kyle is still my Fav.)(Chief and Mr. Hat and Mr. Slave and Tweek and craig are also cools) I also have a youtube profile: www.youtube.com/bffsforpets   love the Kyle videos!


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