HAPPY 2020

Happy 2020 everybody. I love all kinds of animals, they always make laugh and brighten up my day!
I always rate a "5".

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Beautiful Blingee!!
  5 stars!!


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passionpussycat dit:

Il y a 269 jours
Merry Christmas Sweetie!:)



Bebebonbon dit:

Il y a 274 jours
Sweet friend,
Wish you a Merry Christmas, and may this Yule bring abundant joy and happiness in your life!
XXOO, Karey.
I left you a present on Picmix.

michelle1234oi dit:

Il y a 309 jours
Good evening! I am very distressed, anxious and apprehensive about the future of Blingee. I can't send my stamps because I get a loading error. I care so much about my stamps because I create them on Photoshop carefully. Here I meet friendly people, I really like the whole community, but Blingee doesn't positionate us if it will continue or not. Kisses!

lealive dit:

Il y a 318 jours
Hello and thank you !
I am able to login as of a few minutes ago thanks to guardian06
I was locked out for days but felt like forever lol Very scary 

Teodoruka dit:

Il y a 340 jours
Same here. I could never downvote someone.
Blingee is like my home. I come here when I don't feel well. I make a Blingee and I feel better. Now it seems I cannot do that either...

Teodoruka dit:

Il y a 340 jours
I was making equality between the silver and gold badges till now.
Now, everything is messed up because of the downvoters. Look on my profile. The silver badge is with one more.

picturecraft dit:

Il y a 375 jours
Thank-you for accepting me into your circle. 

Teodoruka dit:

Il y a 379 jours
Thank you a lot, I highly appreciate it! :) Sending hugs back!

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