Hello My Artistic Friends

Thankyou friends for all your wonderful visits & comments. Sorry, I have to be so distant. With a new grandchild in the home & a new job,have little time for creating blingees. although i do try to squeeeze sum time in...peace-n-luvs =)

happilly married with 3 girls (the eldest 21, a new mom of a 5 month old lil girl named Nevaeh Skye)...spend most my time at home raising a 12 yr old & with plenty of housework & yardwork...on occasions daily i'm on-line(mostly on facebook, occassionally on myspace & evry chance i can on  blingee.com)...love art & music & love creating new pics


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Il y a 43 jours
sorry been gone so long, was locked out of my account. great to be back. hope to play again soon. thank you all for your wonderful comments. missed you and art.

HikariFayPikachu dit:

Il y a 1187 jours
As long as i know my girlyness isn't harmful to others, I can accept that side to me now :)

It does seem i am learning being a girly girl is okay now though ^_^

I may check out some more of your blingees.

HikariFayPikachu dit:

Il y a 1204 jours
Beautiful :) Its nice to learn about peoples families. Family is a wonderful gift from God to have^^

I'm glad i'm generally into cute/innocent stuff (i think it brings out the good in me). :) It always confused me when people would tell me in the past it wasn't good to like that stuff o.O; But people can be strange, i guess...(and some i think maybe don't have enough love in their hearts. i won't judge them, though. judging others isn't really fair. but people probably need prayers.)


Il y a 1212 jours
No, im sorry I have no facebook, tweeter or any social media.
it caused too much trouble.
 Only Blingee 

siemprejuntas2 dit:

Il y a 1394 jours
.....███████ ¸.•°*♥HAPPY VALENTINE DAY♥
.......▀███▀¸.•°*”˜˜”* ♥ for you with love
........ ..▀ *”˜˜”* ♥http://bln.gs/b/29p4uk
             *”˜˜”* ♥ Solymar -Feb 2019

Mrs.TeresaJean dit:

Il y a 1440 jours
Merry Christmas My Friend. God be with You And Yours Always! http://bln.gs/b/29obd9

siemprejuntas2 dit:

Il y a 1447 jours
..    ♥        Merry Christmas 2018
   ♥. ♥. ♥. Ħαppψ ₦ εω ¥ εαr 2019
 ♥ • ', • ♥.     http://bln.gs/b/29o6oh
  \ ~~~ / 
   \ ~~ /  love and good forтυne
    \ ~ / '• ♫ •. ♪ * ♥ * ♫ •. ♫ •' * '
      () ♥ * ♫ •. ♫ • '♥
      ()     Thank you for your friendship
    °°°°°       ❤꒤Ꭿ вιg нυg ғor yoυ❤

Mrs.TeresaJean dit:

Il y a 1614 jours
----[]--- My our Father Bless You And Keep         
[][][][][]You!! Thanks for Your visits But 
----[]--- mostly Thanks for the Friendship!!

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